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    My daughter is going to her first concert, One Direction at the O2 next week and is super excited. I am taking her, its just the two of us going and I was just wondering, is there anything I need to do or know about with regards to taking an 8 year old to the 02?

    I have only been there once myself and it was for George Michael, so there was no hysteria about that night!

    Should I be extra early? will the traffic be mental? Will I need earplugs? Should I bring a camera for her? Or is there any point in even bringing a camera, should I just buy her a programme and will I need to re-mortgage to afford a programme? I heard they are quite expensive.

    Any suggestions to make it go as well as possible for her much appreciated.

    Its so nice to have something to look forward to after the past couple of rough weeks we’ve had at home.


    Would have loved to get tickets for this…
    We went to Cheerios before Christmas.. Bring your own treats and save the lids to your mineral bottlesand bring them, When u buy minerals up there they dont give u the lids..

    We always set limits before we go, book or other gifts..

    we drove and parked in street beside O2, leftbefore it was overand got ahead of the crowd.. Enjoy.

    Donedeal are sellingtickets for €500 at the moment..ITS mad money

    Have a great time,,,,Enjoy


    €500 ❗ ❗ ❗ That’s mental. Would anyone seriously pay that??

    My daughter got the tickets as a gift from her Godfather, he missed her last birthday and Christmas and this is his way of making it up. To say she has forgiven him would be an understatement!!

    I am looking forward to taking her, I like their songs but I am not so much looking forward to the screaming girls!!


    i’d second bringyour own treats. and again agree with regards brochure/other treats – i’d let her pick one item they’ll probably have t-shirts, key rings, mugs etc. when i’ve taken my 2 to disney on ice that’s the way we usually work it they can pick one thing

    ENJOY she’ll love it and it’s brilliant that you get to bring her too. I took E1 to Jedward in the TLT last yr was brilliant i spent most of it watching her face. We’re going to Diversity in november – E1 doesn’t know it’ll be her b’day present and i’m bursting to tell her.

    My sister will be there with my niece on Tuesday and is sooooooooo excited


    Yes I will be there Sabbi.

    Its mainly seated as far as I know so no need to get there mad early.

    Parking available behind the O2 under the cinema/hotel complex.

    Programmes will probably be approx 15/20 euro..other merchandise available mugs key rings etc…be prepared to pay at least 5e for anything.

    Non official merchandise including flashing waving sticks etc and cheap t shirts available outside the venue .

    Food drink popcorn etc is expensive, you could bring in your own bags of sweets etc ( share bags sweets are 4.50e ) but they will confiscate drinks if found.

    No lids are given out for safety reasons on the bottled minerals so bring your own lid if thats something that would bother you ( coke. river rock , fanta 500ml etc bottles)

    Traffic will start to build but I suggest using the port tunnel only 3 euro and well worth it brings you almost there. ( Car park is main right turn before the 02 corner)

    Bring a camera if only to capture her face!!!!!!

    Enjoy the night, I will look out for you…

    Oh and any bar or kiosk will give you free ear plugs ( VERY LOUD SCREAMING!!!)


    Good tip on the earplugs….will get those for sure!!!


    How you get on?


    Its next week! She is super excited, she is learning all the words to their songs and wants to make a banner!!

    How did it go this week? what time did it start & finish??


    My Friend only got tickets for the Audi Club the other day, she had a ball but said it was VERY Loud! How many dates are they playing in Dublin?


    Think they played 2 nights this week and same again next week

    My sister & niece was there on Tuesday and loved it – apparently though they didn’t come on stage until 8.45 but played until approx 10.30


    Ooh, thats very late!! My daughter will be knackered for school the next day but sure, its a once off, she’ll be able to catch up onher sleep the following night!!

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