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    My friend is newly pregnant & is trying to decide whether to go to Daisy Hill or OLOL to have her first baby. ( lives bout 30 mins from both) Can you tell me your experiences, good or bad inboth?



    i haev had both my babies in OLOL, and have found them great on both accounts…

    i have also heard postitive words on daisy hill…there seems to be a lot who live near dundalk that would attend there, i think majority of the people my dh worked with their wives had their babies in daisy hill..never heard a bad word….


    Have heard great reports about the MLU but I could not get into it because they said my BMI was too high (I am a size 12) but they did not weigh me until I was 16.5 weeks pregnant and would not account for any baby weight gain, so could not get in. Was very disappointed. Felt this was unreasonable because if I had been weighed earlier on, it would not have been a problem.

    So if your friend is interested in the MLU, tell her to make sure she gets the earliest appt so she can get weighed before her BMI goes up. I know this is ridiculous but this is what happened to me, so I hope others learn from that.

    I did have a birth in the normal part of the maternity hospital and it was fine, the midwife I had was lovely.

    I think there’s good and bad where-ever you go, main thing is for her to have the care she wants, whether its private consultant or public MLU, so she needs to do some research into what both hospitals offer and see which suits her needs best.


    I had the same BMI issue with Lourdes but it was more annoyance than anything as I am having a homebirth and was just there for my booking scan and bloods.

    I would get her to go to the MLU and if that’s not possible then definitely Daisy Hill. Having said that, epidurals are only available m-f 9-5 at Daisy Hill…Like they expect a baby to be born during business hours!!!


    Surely they can’t consider the BMI of someone who is significantly pregnant as being the same category as someone who isn’t?? That’s pure daft ….

    I know some women don’t put on much weight in the first half, what with morning sickness etc, but janey mac, a lot of us put on a chunk with water retention & what have you in the first half, & still end up in a normal weight gain range.

    You learn something new every day! Good to know in case I ever head in the direction of the MLU. Mind you considering that this one has yet to pop & hubby would have a heart attack if there was a number 4, I think chances are slim 😆

    Mind you, purely out of curiosity, would anyone know what age rules you out for the MLU (presuming you’re not a first time mum)? It is probably 39 or something silly regardless of your health etc

    Now, back to the topic: had two babies in OLOL both as private patients (although mostly saw the midwives when actually delivering). Generally good experiences, although the facilities were under severe pressure. Can’t fault the midwives, especially as I was probably one of their louder patients. Can distinctly remember roaring ‘Get this child out of me RIGHT NOW’ at one stage with DS2 – that will teach me to arrive intoo late for drugs of any kind!!!! Fair play to them, the consultant was inclined to intervene, but they held their nerve & said ‘give her another push or two’ & sure enough….. Didn’t have time to build up any kind of relationship with midwives as he arrived within the hour.

    The first one was a longer affair & needed intervention at the end, but they were great, although between exhaustion & pethidene, I was a bit out of it.

    After both, they fed me a load of tea & toast for which I will be eternally grateful, & let me shower as soon as possible. Were very supportive of nursing mums as well.

    I think you can just be lucky. When the first guy was arriving, I was the only one in labour. Another night there was 26….


    had both mine in OLOL very tricky births and cant fault it, they were brilliant

    Worked in Dundalk and alot of the girls were from the North, a good few had their babies in Daisy Hill, its meant to be brilliant… i remember they were telling the Drogheda girls to travel up to Daisy Hill as it was soo good


    For the MLU they are very tricky..
    -Must have a SPOTLESS previous birth history. Not even a little hemmorage allowed
    -Can’t have BMI over 31-32
    -Under 40
    -Less than 4 kids
    -No VBAC

    If you can get past all of this, that antenatal appts are very quick with no waiting and you see only midwives who as we all know do most of the baby birthing!!!


    She’s not intrested in MLU. Wants to privately


    we went private in OLOL, paid 3,000 euros and the consultant was even not at the birth! She was nice but had holidays twice while I was seeing her so for about 4-5 of my appointments I saw a different doc and did really get goodcontinuity of care from her

    In my opinion, it was a waste of money, we should have gone public (even though we were private, our appts always took 1-2 hours anyways and I still ended up in a public room, as all the private ones were taken after I gave birth!)

    Should have spent the money on a holiday or something for the house instead, total waste of money!

    We had been through a miscarriage so we were nervous and thats why we went private but given the choice, would no do it again.

    Caligal – does previous complications include miscarraige? would that stop someone being accepted at MLU? the criteria is mental!!


    Caligal – does previous complications include miscarraige? would that stop someone being accepted at MLU? the criteria is mental!!

    I am not sure about that Daisy37. I would contact Jene Kelley at AIMS Ireland and ask her as she knows all the ridiculous criteria like the back of her hand!


    I had an ectopic pregnancy, but am allowed to go to MLU this time.


    I went private on my first & saw my consultant on each visit, ended up having emergency section & the consultant i was paying preformed the section & saw her every day after while in hospital. Got my private room which I was grateful for as I was in for 5 days! I suppose each person has different experiences of public & private.

    Went for my 22 week scan in hospital today ( am private again), there was 14 pregnant women there when I arrived. Was waiting 10 minutes for my scan as there is 2 scanning rooms now, again my consultant that i’m paying preformed the scan so for me i’m very happy with private & feel i’ve been getting the service i’m paying for. I’m sure each consultant does things differently, some good, some not so…


    Just on the funny side, a bit of topic but, allow me.

    Pookie you’re so lucky you had toast.
    I had my kids with C-section, so no food for 24 hours (that includes the fasting time before the surgery (elective). Then I was breastfeeding, takes energy and calories,
    I got 1 only 1 slice of toast on my first day.
    Was allowed a very light breakfast the morning after, then only soup for lunch and steemed chicken and veg (no calories, easy food to digest) for my diner day 2.
    And still feeding my baby,
    day 3 breakfast arrives (toast + cereals , I do remember very well), then the service lady saw the sign on my bed : light breafast, she did start to take the tray back, you should have seen me, nearly jumping off the bed crying FOOD 😆 ,
    the midwife saw it, felt bad for me, and told me ok, we’ll leave the food with you (only breakfast) but don’t over-indulge 1 bowl of cereals and toast, after 3 days, not really excess food.

    I know after surgery, you have to be carefull, but it was a bit too much. I did not ate a single biscuit on the first 2 days, because I said if they don’t give food there is a reason.

    I was at my weight before pg 4 weeks after birth, but very strict diet for 3 days at hospital 😆 , and breasfeeding, and I lost over 1 st in the first 5 month of pg (gained it in the other half of pg), as I say I gained my baby/pg weight AFTER the baby birth. More difficult to loose it.

    I was public in OLOL, just I think it’s always good to know your medical file, and if something major, even if on the front page of the file, make sure they know.
    And if you have any questiosn, doubts, express them.
    Talking is always good.
    I did find for some reasons, the midwifes on night duty less pleasant than the day ones, in the maternity ward.
    As well it was years ago (5) and things can have changed good or bad a lot.



    Fabienne i had 2 sections 5 and 2 years ago (in OLOL) and i was given tea and toast as soon as my vomiting stopped 😆 😆 😆 (reaction to the epidural or something, cant remember tbh) The tea and toast was yummy

    I had full brekkie and lunch and dinner the next day, its mad who same hospital but different treatment….. could it be the staff working on the day?

    When i was in before ds2 was born… the server said i was down for diabetic diet, i was "EH NO WAY….. COME BACK WITH MY JELLY!!" The other women in the ward nearly went into labour laughing at how me and my massive bump legged up after your one for my jelly and ice cream 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    I always found the food lovely in OLOL yet i did here others give out


    Yes,that’s right, on my first day I had a really bad reaction to epidural or something, was disy and kept vomiting.
    They gave me half a toast to make my vomiting more bereable, but in both cases, as soon as I had toast it did stop the vomiting straight away.

    Even during the pregnancy if my stomac was empty I was sick, and a piece of toast did work sometimes to stop me from getting sick.


    But they are doctors, and you have to wait to be fit to get your first piece of toast.
    What I remember from my births is just the feeling I was starving, worse feeling than the scar from section or the pain (ok never had a contraction in my life).

    Just want to say Midwifes were great. In the first hours after section in the recovery room I wanted my baby with me, on me, but I was in no shape at all to hold her, was really unwell (epidural or morphine or the allegic raction I had during the surgery). The midwife did see I was unfit to hold her but she still gave her to me, and she hold her for me.
    She could have said, we’ll wait a bit (she said it, just to mention it), but she saw I did need to have her and she let me, and took care of the safety of the baby.
    It was a very nice thing she did.
    Midwifes are great.


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