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    Ok… I know this is more for the mum2b boards but I want to reach as many of us OLOL mums as possible so figure general chat is the way to go! :D

    I have a friend who is attending OLOL and is terrified about not getting the EPI if she asks for it. So who better to ask than the mumstown mums!

    Question is:

    If you asked for the epidural did you get it? (OLOL only please)


    When I was at the ante-natal classes we were told that if we ordered the epidural there was no gaurantee we woud get it because it was dependent if either of the two Anathesists were available at OLOL. It could be they may be needed for emergency c-sections. With that in mind I didn’t think about using epidural. I decided if I needed pain relief I would only go as far as the pepidine. In the end I only used the baby tens machine. If I had ordered the epidural and then couldn’t get it at the time I think I would be very upset and in alot more pain. I didn’t want to put myself through that so pretend epidural didn’t exist.


    hi there i had a section on last child and had to get the epidural the anaesethist (sp) kept hitting the nerve in my spine which was very painful and after 3 attempts another anaesethist came and got it first go !!


    thanks for the replies girls

    bannacurry – that is her fear – that she will ask for it and it won’t arrive as they will be too busy ….. not good that the only reply to the poll is that is what happened 😕


    i didnt have my dd in drogheda had her in dublin and i asked for it straight away but they let me use gas first to see how i got on but couldnt take the pain so i got the epi … but my sis in law had her dd in olol and she was to far gone to get the epidural


    didnt even think of getting an epi to be honest, the thoughts of being paralysed for whatever length of time scared the life out of me. just gas and air and the petidine for me, was fine, painful but sure it was all over in 5hours 🙂 sorry cant be of more help.


    I got it quickly, maybe a bit too quickly…….

    A lady in bed next to me was on her 5th baby and asked straight away for an epidural during the booking in stage, I heard all this through the curtain and had 2 thoughts…….if she is on her 5 baby and asking for epidural……must need it!! and if she is getting hers done i might as well get mine at same time……..and that was it……had it within the hour!!

    Had no trouble at all with epidural, didnt hurt going in, was wonderful to have no pain, and was up walking around by 9pm that evening, had it around 9am in morning. Was dropped down during delivery so i could push but had it topped up after to have stitches.

    But looking back, i wish i had more control during the birth(had to have vacumn delivery and loads of stitches in end), think i was almost 9cms when epi was inserted, must of slipped through checks, my contractions were coming every 2 minutes from the time they started until epidural was inserted, so think would of been quicker labour without epidural…..

    But OLOL do their best to encourage you to go without, offer gas and air, warm baths, birthing ball etc, even in main labour ward but if you really want an epidural then you have to make sure they know you want it as they will try to put you off……epidurals have their place and anyone who has one should not be made to feel guilty

    I had complications during my birth, and my sisters who all had natural births with just gas and air said it was because of epidural but after having spoke to many midwifes and doctors they have said that even if i did not have the epidural I would still of had a difficult birth due to baby’s position…..

    Good luck to your friend, please tell her i had no probs with getting epidural, but just that she may need to ask for it when she is more in control, it seems to be the ones who are screaming for it during later stages that dont get it………and the ones hat ask for it too early like me have later regrets as to what could of been. 🙄



    had my two babies in olol. with the first one didn’t want the epidural (or any other pain relief besides gas and air) but i was constantly offered one (found that very ennoying). eventually i agreed just to stop the nurse asking me:) at the end didn’t need one. when the anest was available i was gone too far – much to my relief 😆 second time there was only one midwife with me, didn’t bother me with any of the above. had a baby quickly and … i was about to write painlesly 😆 without any need of anything but gas.
    by the way gas is a fantastic mood lifter, made me laugh at anything 🙂


    I had gas and air and was thinking about asking for pethidine when my waters broke. They examined me and I was too far gone to get any more pain relief. I didn’t ask for the epidural at any time, but I get the feeling they would have tried to stall me as they recommended I try the alternatives first. In the end I had complications and had to have an emergency C-Section so I had to get it anyway!! It’s best to go in with an open mind, but if she does decide to get it at some stage, then ask for it straight away.


    I didnt want it but still got it 😆 😆 😆

    I point blank didnt want an epi but had to get a c-section, tbh I if I ever have another baby (pg) I dont think I’d have another epi as you feel nothing at all and I didnt like that feeling….


    i had problems with high blood pressure and had to be induced, the midwifes did push me to get epi because of my problems they said my blood pressure was going way too high and epi would help so i agreed.
    Got it within 2 hours – no probs what so ever.
    However i had further complications and had to get general anesthitic after section but i don’t believe it was anything to do with the epi. The doctor who gave me the Epidural was lovely and he got it first time.

    Personally I would have prefered not to have one but i took the midwives advice on the day


    Thank you so much!
    There is a wealth of knowledge on here!



    I had a very bad experience getting the epidural in OLOL, I only had it on my third baby, the anesthetist gouldnt get it in, and was trying and trying for ages, with needle after needle, he hit a nerve, and sent me flying, along with my husband who was holding onto me. He gave up then and told me I was too fat to get it in!!!! I’ll never forget it.

    Then a while later a very suave guy came in and offered to do it, he had to really convince me to let him, but he did it then in one foul sweep, thank god, Ill never forget the feeling of it taking effect – like heaven!


    , He gave up then and told me I was too fat to get it in!!!! I’ll never forget it.


    the oul fecker what did he want a skinnny minny giving birth 👿 👿 👿 👿


    i got it as soon as i asked for it found it very good but i got the epidural headache after birth and had to go down for a blood patch the next day, i was left with this awful headache so the next day i was given petadine bought down to the labour ward were they drained blood from my hand and inserted it into my back which stoped the head ache, i think the lady said it was a leakage of the spine as i jumped when she inserted it. very gory

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