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    Mam just rang me and told me an old neighbours son was the second person to die with Swine flu. Its very sad mam said when one of the other neighbours got the phone call she thought it was to tell them that his mother had died (she would be nearly 80)
    He was a very shy champ and he was alway bullied by "the lads" they always beat him up and called him gay (didnt know what that meant at the time)
    I think he was gay or just a mammys boy, he lived at home with him widow mum and he would walk up the street holding her hand even when he was about 16…. sorry in tears thinking about it :cry: :cry: :cry:

    He lives in palmerstown with his mammy and he never married (dont know if he was gay or not) His poor mother is in bits, mam and her friends dont think she will make it through as she is utterly heartbroken and cant face the idea of life without him.
    I heard the news yesterday but never thought I would know the person!!!


    My thoughts are with his family…


    Its so sad he devoted his life to his elderly mother….. Such a nice chap, I havent seen him in years but mam and the neighbours would still be in contact with his mother


    Oh thats terrible! This is getting so scary…when you know people who have had it…I am just so scared for my own parents and my kids…that old lady must be devastated…to have had her son living with her for all of his life…God love them..RIP


    That is just so sad. god bless them .


    oh Taylor so sorry to hear that


    Ah so sad….

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