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    Hi all,

    I’ve been watching the price of the weekly magazines rise and fall and here are the latest:

    OK magazine
    Heatons – €3.10
    Dunnes – €4.41
    Super Valu – €4.60
    Tesco – €4.68
    Madame LeWorthy – €4.61
    NewsRail (Laurence Centre) – €5.21
    LIDL – €4.40

    I’ve asked in most of the shops why theres such a big difference in price and they fob me off with shipping charges and taxes and other nonsense excuses.

    The moral ofthe story – get to Heatons for all your glossies, they are by far the cheapest and they are doing a buy one get one free on loads of kids clothes at the moment.

    Happy shopping!


    wow that’s some difference…..what a saving with heatons…..thanks Sabbi


    I actually complained about it in Dunnes and they brought the price down but it has since gone back up.

    M&S were quite good but the manager told me they no longer sell magazines because they had a row with the distributor!

    It pays to shop around and complain too….


    God I am amazed at that. Its one thing I thought would have to be sold at the same price everywhere.

    I’m off to Heatons in future.


    me too!! buy it every eek and the jump in prices is ridiculous!!


    Good to know – I thought they were all a fixed price! Used to travel over and back to UK and buy all my mags there – much cheaper. There is a big vat charge on the UK mags but I really thought that the price was fixed after that!


    That difference is unbelieveable! They should be fixed prices for the likes of it… I rarely buy it, but when I do it will either be in Heatons or Newry!


    I was shopping in Dunnes in Scotch Hall on Sat – went over to have a look at the OK mag – has since gone up to 4.78!!! They must be making up for the day or so they had it reduced!!!!


    hi girls,

    In Tesco yesterday and they’ve brought price of OK down to 4.15 but this is still very high comapred to Heatons 3.10. I asked the manager why it is 4.15 euro when it is 2.95 sterling and he could not give me an answer.

    I told him about heatons and he actually said "I’ll tell me wife to get her magazines there from now on…"

    He said he would let me know why price is so high, so if I hea anything I’ll pass it on!

    ta, Siobhan

    super minder

    cheaper up the north . so shop around


    Thjis week OK magazine is…..
    Tesco 4.17, Super Valu 4.17, and Heatons 4.10

    Thye are all around the same now. Heatons said they were accidentally undercharging when it was 3.10 a few weeks ago so they put the price up to 4.10. oh well, it was nice while it lasted!!

    I must go to newry to stock up next week. Fed up paying over 4 euro for OK when its only 2.95 sterling!!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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