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    ok you may now start with calling me nuts!
    i’m 11 weeks tomorrow, due in march……… :shock:


    Oh my God Joey – Congratulations!!!!!! How are you feeling?


    tired and in shock hows things with you
    my family is going to have lots to say now
    they said i should be finished now 😕

    how long have you got left, not long i think?


    I’m sure you are in shock!!
    Doesn’t matter what your family say, as long as you are happy thats the main thing!
    When is your appointment?
    All well here, 10 weeks left now… so the countdown is beginning!!!


    i could only get a late appointment its not till 8th october but thats ok i can wait
    i’m happy now, when i first found out i cried for awhile but it’ll be ok

    that time flew seems like only last week you said you were pregnant
    i wish you alll the best, is E looking forward to the baby?


    oh my god, that’s mad….congratulations….4 kids fair play, just take it easy on yourself….as i said before there’s deffo something in the tea in playgroup….lol…..but congrats


    Joey congratulations – you’ll be fine – Congrats great news 😆 😀


    Ah Joey thats great news, I did have a feeling as I said to Scole last week that I thought you looked pregnant 😯 (but not so if you were only 10 weeks)
    I think big families are great and you will manage, Im sure its a shock at the start but your a dab hand at motherhood now so it should be a walk in the park.
    Dont mind what family say as its not their life but yours, as long as you and your dh are happy thats all that counts.

    I think you will have to make a new year wish list….
    a) the snip for dh for xmas (it would be a nice surprise)
    b) a bigger house
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Delighted for you


    thanks everyone 😀
    i just have to find a way of telling my sister, she was told last week that its unlikely that she’ll have any children of her own

    its funny that you said i looked pregnant taylor a girl i used to babysit came up to me before i found out i was and said congrats on your pregnancy, i was like "i’m not pregnant" 😆

    i’ll perform the snip on dh after this one
    we’ll be converting the attic at this rate, no way we’re moving again


    congrats joey i seen you posted it on MM ( your sig had a pic of your kids ) 😆 …. a big family is great …there is deffentlysomething in the water in drogheda must be just skipping my house 😥 😆


    whatever it is i’d make a fortune selling it

    this’ll be my parents 16 granchild 😆
    i’ll have to buy all the baby stuff and maternity things again as i gave mine all away after i had T i was sure i was finished 🙄 😆


    congrats jeez 4 is alot these days 😆


    Things happen for a reason, maybe you’ll get another boy nad have a perfect family…… get that attic done alright but make dh sleep up there 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    After I had ds I just said let nature do its thing we didnt use any contraception, but this time I think I’ll be talking to the gp at 6 week check about sorting myself out with the coil or something


    as soon as i get near a doctor i’ll be asking about getting my tubes tyed…4 is plenty in 4 yrs


    Getting your tubes tied is a very big op, if you need a section then it can be done at the same time, if not is having ot go under a general as the men its just 240 euro and its done in 10 mins

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