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    Hii There,

    Anyone done the OFD (operation fat destruction)Course with Labfitness?

    Whats involved? How did you find it? Any tips?

    Im not fit at all so not sure its suitable.


    I’ve done it and anyone can do it. You don’t need to be fit, its an eating plan and exercise programme. The first few days were tough but once I got into it, I felt great. I finished it in May and still eat alot of what I learned on the plan. I find its something that suits me. I still have a few glasses wine and take awayat the weekend and the odd bit of chocolate but I always have the breakfast and lunch I had while I was doing the plan.

    Its very doable and you learn alot.

    You can do the exercises at home but personally, I like to get to one or two classes a week. I find I work alot harder at a class than when I’m at home.

    Its really good, my digestion and energy levels changed completely when I was doing it and I found that was something I wanted to keep up.

    HTH 🙂


    Thanks Sabbi.

    You mentioned to me that another mumstown member also did the OFD programme & i think you said that she wrote about it on mumstown, do you know what the thread was called as i cant seem to find it?



    Meant to ask, what types of lunches were recommended??

    Did you do the before & After photos?


    The thread may have been lost due to those server issues last week – unfortunately some content was lost.

    I had a look and couldn’t find the post Siobhan put up about her OFD experience but I can tell you, she looks amazing after it!!!

    I did some before and after pics (which I am sooooo not sharing!) butI can tell you how many centimetres I lost:

    Chest – lost 5cm
    Waist – lost 6cm
    hips – lost 9cm
    thigh – lost 1cm

    I was chuffed with that but also, I felt better after doing it.


    I did the OFD plan in July and here is one of my posts on it…

    As I am now just 24 hours from finishing the 28 days, I think it’s safe to say I did it! This past 4 weeks have been nothing short of a revelation. I have learnt so much about nutrition and how food controls mood.

    I have so much more energy morning noon and night and would say the only times I felt hungry were when I missed a snack. It was tough at first, especially at dinner time. I remember coming home from the supermarket on day 1 and having no idea what I could have for dinner! However, once I got into the right frame of mind, and with the help of the recipes Laura posts on the facebook page, it became so easy. Most of the recipes suggested use simple ingredients and are very quick to make if you have a busy life.

    I have dieted before and been very successful at cheating the points system to lose weight whilst still eating and drinking junk. However, it was never sustainable and I always ended up worse off in the long run. I was a comfort eater who used food to celebrate, commiserate, distract, bribe and deprive. With Laura’s plan, I feel I now have such a better understanding of my relationship with food and am eating such a greater variety of healthy food thanks to her very gentle guidance andnon-preachy feedback.

    Anyone who is thinking that they would love to have a go but are afraid it is too tough or they won’t have the will power to stick at it, please just sign up and give it a go. You will get great support from the Labfitness team and your fellow group members. I feel like a different person after just 4 weeks and have no intentions of going back to my old habits.

    And I haven’t even mentioned weightloss. It really is irrelevant when you just feel good regardless of what the scales say…

    Another one – you can see I was very impressed and feel I have to tell everyone how great this plan is…

    Thank you Sabbi for letting me know about this plan. It really is life changing and so educational. My big lightbulb moment was when Laura told us to think of our will power as another muscle. If you over-work it all day by depriving your body of food, of course it is gojng to run out of steam and you will binge all night on all the wrong things. I have done this for years and always thought I was just being lazy or greedy. Now I know that a body that has been well fed all day will not have those night time cravings. I never thought I would get over that problem but I just don’t crave the junk at night any more.

    Just have to share one of my stats 10cm off my waist – that’s 4 inches in old money!!

    Don’t worry or stress about it MaryE – just go for it – you have nothing to lose but bad habits and you will be helped every step of the way. It is daunting when you first get the plan, but as Sabbi says, you can incorporate most of it into "normal life" and still have treats. You just end up thinking differently about food and are more aware of how much what you eat affects your whole life.

    Best of luck,



    You just have to look at Siobhan to see how well it has worked for her. As well as her having tonnes of energy she looks amazing. I think it has had great effects on her complexion as well as her body.

    Its a great plan, I am still having my smoothie breakfasts and loving them. 😀

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