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    There is a talk on Sat next – May 23rd – in City North Hotel on Juice Plus. Juice Plus is a nutritional supplement. It contains ONLY fruit and veg. 17 fruits and veg are picked when they are ripe (the time when they contain the most nutrients), they are then juiced, dried and packed into capsules. As most of us struggle to consume our recommended daily allowance of raw fruits and veg, I have found this a great way to supplement my family’s diet. It just made sense to me when I attended a presentation a few months ago.

    For those who may be interested in having a home business, the second part of the talk explains the ins and outs of becoming a franchisee. My friend became a franchisee about 18mths ago and is now earning a 1000 euro a month from this business. She is also a complementary therapist so it fits nicely with her main business.

    I am also a complementary therapist (reflexology and massage) and have decided to give this franchise a shot and see if it will work. If any of you are interested in going to the talk to find out about the product for yourselves and/or as a business opportunity, please pm me.

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