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    Can anyone recommend a nursery or play school within walking distance of Bettystown? My wife is a stay-at-home mum and has been wonderful with our soon to be 3 little man but we now have a little lady too and we think thathimself needs to be getting out more than she can manage with the baby.

    Ideally we’re looking for somewhere that she can take him for a couple of mornings or afternoons each week to give her some space and to give him extra stimuli.




    if u get the Meath Coaster..there is a list at the back, as far as I know, of local creches/playschools.


    hi , there hopscotch in castlemartin i think they cost 20 euro a day .hope that help


    there’s a good few places in bettystown, but i have foiund by far hopscotch the nicest, staff great and the outdoor play area is fab….and they will put him in a room that suits him, there’s pre-school, then pre-montessori, then montessori…..worth having a look


    My son goes to Hopscotch too and its a brilliant place, the staff are great and my ds has come on sooo well emotionally since starting there

    Good luck in your search


    Hi, my son (3) is in little star playgroup.
    It’s only 12/day, in mornington, for 3 hours, it’s a bit of a walk from bettystown, but doable.
    The staff is great, he’s so happy there.
    He can’t wait in the morning to go, so we always leave home early and wait for his friends before he runs into the playschool without even waving goodbye.
    I think that most of the places around are good, but you have to visit them and find the one that suits you and your son. Everyone has a different personality and what suits someone will not suits someone else.

    At the end it’s up to the feeling you’re getting from the initial meeting.
    My dd went for a summer in oasis (her first experience), she wasn’t that happy. Have friends who go there and they’re very happy.

    I worked in a creche in Dublin years ago, I would not have send my kids there for all of the gold of the world. But some kids and parents were happy.

    There is a playschool on the golf links road where you can try first by sending child on fridays.

    And just keep in mind that if you’re not happy you can always change playschool during the year.



    A big thank you to everyone who commented,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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