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    A Consultant Gynie is being investigated on 38 different charges by Medical Board
    I have gone through HELL since May due to my GP & Dr. I had a private scan which was read wrong. I was then to be rushed to hospital to be told 9 days later after having another scan that i had a "Mass", i was then released from hosp with no follow up app to see any doctor. All the time i was in the hospital i didnt see my consultant.

    I myself made an appointment to see the Dr, he didnt look at my scan films & didnt re do the scan, he has a scanning machine!
    If i did not make my own appointments i would still be waiting.

    I am going for biopsy results nxt week, his secretary told me " ahh they are sitting here" i have been waiting 6 weeks


    It must be a very stressful time, good luck with the test results xxxx


    A client of mine was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months ago. He has been through hell and back. Married with 3 young children he has spent the last few months contemplating their future without him around. The hospital have had him in for numerous tests only to discover on his most recent checkup that he actually never had prostate cancer in the first place and that the doctors mixed up his file with another patients!!

    So not only has this man been having treatment over the past couple of months that he didn’t need but another patient that really does have prostate cancer has been given the all clear and has undergone no form of treatment at all for the past several months!!

    The Medical system in Ireland as it stands leaves a lot to be desired. Changes need to be made. People deserve more time and respect than the Medical system is willing to offer!! I am no Doctor but every day of my life is dedicated to furthering my knowledge and expertise in Human Anatomy & Physiology. I am passionate about the work I do and that really shines through with the results clients have after attending me for a few short sessions. I absolutely love a challenge and look forward to hearing from anyone out there interested in resolving any issue, large or small. Feel free to pm me and I will get back to you promptly 😀


    OMG that is beyond shocking, never mind for the poor man and his family i cant imagine how they are feeling, but to think there is a man walking about for months and months WITH CANCER thinking he is healthy!!!

    My mother went in to hospital to get her veins done in her right leg and they did the veins in the LEFT leg, she had only gotten the left legs veins done a few months before…. it was a joke at the time as she wasnt 100% happy with the job that was done, but now she is having terrible trouble with the veins and would be in alot of pain. A Doctor told her the leg Should NOT have been operated on again in such a sort space of time and this is causing the trouble!!! What if that was a kidney?


    It’s frightening to think of all the mistakes that are being made in the hospitals and Doctor’s surgeries!! Another friend of mine and her husband of two years had been trying for children since the wedding and became frustrated at not having conceived yet. They both consulted specialists to see if either of them had a problem that was preventing them from having children. The husband’s results came back indicating that he was infertile. For several weeks the couple went through hell as the husband knew his wife so desperately wanted children.

    He was even ready to leave the marriage as he felt like a failure and he felt his wife deserved to be with a man who could give her the children she desired. The wife decided to phone her gynecologist to discuss the husband’s results and to see if she could offer some guidance. The gynecologist looked for a copy of the test results which she promptly sent on. Then the gynecologist phoned up the specialist who had done the tests and went through every single item on the results. She phoned my friend back a short time later to tell her the specialist had actually made a mistake while going through the test results and that in fact her husband was fertile and there would be no problem that she could see why they couldn’t have children!! The couple are now in Marriage Counselling to work through the heartache this mistake caused!! Another fine example of the Irish Medical System.


    OMG it is awful the way we are treated here
    We are afraid to ask the doc a question i was hospitalised for 5 days in spain where everyone there had a liason officer who spoke in all languages, i knew more there than i did after spending 9 days in the lourdes, its awful

    Oh i feel for the man who thinks he is ok i hope he has been notified.
    I feel it hard to trust docs now but after i get my biopsy results on mon i will be going for a second opinion

    The doctor i saw in the lourdes asked me if i was Lazy! If u knew me u would laugh I was then told by him that i had IBS when all along the tumour was lying on my colon

    i am annoyed now…… excuse me! 😕


    That’s shocking, the standards really need to be raised across the board. Best of luck with your results on Monday, hopefully everything will be ok. Definitely always advisable to get a second opinion 😉

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