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    My 2 kids need shoes for september, I’ll go for clarks.
    Now with price going down here, and pound going up. Does it worth to go in Newry just for 2 pair of shoes?

    I compared few prices for groceries online (Asda) and doesn’t seems to be that big of a difference considering that I have a tesco next door, no need to drive up there and spend a all day for food shopping.
    But still not sure about shoes.

    Who did the trip recently and what do you think?



    I’m staying here, with Tesco and the deals in Adams etc. doing pound to sterling match I think theres loads of bargains down here now.

    Clark’s have a sale on at the moment and I got my daughter shoes for €12 last week. I’m hoping to get her some school shoes for a reasonable price too.

    I like to support local shopping as much as I can but I admit I went up North a fair bit last year but since the shops have changed their prices, I am happy enough to shop at home now.

    Hope that helps.


    Went in clarks in Swords, for shoes for school/ playschool.
    To keep the euros in Eire.

    Bought 2 pairs for 96 Euros!!!!!!!!!!
    I asked for the price while kids were trying them on, the nice sale persons told me that most of their shoes are 42 to 45 euro.
    At the end it was 48/ each, apparently a bigger size (9.5 and 11) it’s more expensive.
    But once my kids tried them on, and say they want them, it was unfair to make them change their mind.

    Found it very expensive. Hope they’ll last the whole school year.

    But in the other hand they really need good shoes for school.

    My kids are happy, my credit card no so much

    But next time I’ll go up north, which I did only 3 times in the last 2 years.
    So I’m doing my share of buying locally, but ….

    I’m lucky enough that my dd uniform from last year is ok, so she’ll have the same (just got her one new tack suit bottom).



    kids shoes are so expensive….not sure iof much of a difference when converted over, but then again i could be wrong, i too got ds a pair of shoes in clarks the other day was 45euro was tempted to wait 2 weeks until we go to wales to see how much but he’s gone up a size and shoes hurting him so had to buy….but i’m going to look for divillment


    There is a place over beside smyths toys… shoes direct. I heard some mothers saying they are great for kids shoes, some back to school shoes only 20 euro…..
    Izzey and co are doing 3 for 2 on all kids shoes

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