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    Hi Guys,

    Not long ago I posted that my potty training was a success for my son. Well one step forward and 2 steps back come to mind!!

    Doing pee is perfect but when it comes to the dreaded no. 2’s its a disaster. He keeps soiling himself. What can I do as he was doing great but now he doesn’t seem to make the effort at all to make it to the potty.

    I am getting angry with him which I know I shouldnt because he probably still hasn’t quite got he knack of it yet.

    Any suggestions???


    Just when you think you are on to a winner, they make you think otherwise! They really are sent to test us….

    Don’t worry, this is normal behaviour. We’ve been through this too, just when we thought our daughter was 100% trained, all of a sudden there were a few ‘accidents’.

    We bought our little girl Princess underwear (we took her to the shop and let her pick them herself) and she loved them so much that she did not want to ruin them – so that was one way to prevent accidents.

    Is there a TV show or character your little guy likes that you can get on his underwear and if you explain to him that if he has an accident he will get them dirty, that might encourage him not to do it?

    Also, we used to ask her frequently if she wanted to go and sometimes she would say no and we would ask her to ‘have a try’ and she would go. I think sometimes they don’t realise until its too late and then they have had an accident, so you need to keep asking often if they want to go to the loo until they are well established at it and have learned when they need to go themselves.

    This can take a while – potty training needs a lot of patience. Hope it settles down for you soon.



    misemammy my dd2 was ok with wee’s after first few days but nothing we could do would convince her to do no2 in toilet – i’d be standing with her watching for signs and next thing she’d have gone in her pants – was very very frustrating as could see a huge improvement in wee’s but just no effort at all in no2’s.
    What we did was kept as calm as possible but didn’t "jump" to change her immediately – then when changing put no2 in the toilet saying this is were it should go type of thing and just kept watching her until we evnetually cuaght her and popped her on the toilet to do a no2, when she did we sang and danced and hi 5’s etc and made a huge fuss of her but when she would have an accident we’d say nothing expcept oh maybe next time in toilet……….alot of patience involved i tell you BUT she eventually got the message and now goes in toilet all the time – she stills shouts for us by saying "i did a big pooh" and looks for a hi 5 but i don’t care as long as she’s going in toilet 😉

    You could possibly try a start chart? we did try one but she lost interest very quickly 🙄

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