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    Are any of my Mumstown pals going to the New kids concert at the 02 this Saturday?

    I am and going alone so if any one I know is going and fanicies a lift and keeping me company please let me know.

    I have had a tough few weeks and feeling a bit down so thought I would treat myself to a trip back to when life was easy , the good old 1980’s.

    Don’t mind going alone as just gonna get right to the front any way and screeeaaaaaaaaaaaam ..won’t be drinking and will be leaving early to queue up :lol: :lol:


    Ah no!!! I wanted to go to this concert, but nobody would go with me….. enjoy!


    Hope you are ok xxEnjoy the concert HMM


    get a ticket taylor come with me!!!

    loads of standing tickets still on done deal etc etc but sold out on ticket master!

    i will drive!


    I would love to go but not here Sat night.

    I was soooo in love with Joey McIntrye back in the day, great memories of posters on my walls and singing along to their songs while getting ready to go to the school disco! My friends and I each had a different ‘New Kid’ we were ‘going out with’ in our imagnations’ – how sad were we… 😳 😳

    HMM – will you be swooning when you hear ‘Step by step’…..would lurve to go!!!!!

    Funny, now its my girls that are acting like deranged stalkers and are all into One Direction. All I hear is Harry this and Harry that!!!


    I saw them last year when they did the o2 and they were brill, but i swore the next time I wouldn’t be working!

    Jordan was my favourite!!

    Regards to one direction..I had thought one of them was quite cute …till i saw in a magazine his mam is my age 😳 😳 😆 😆 😆

    So it looks like I will be going alone..oh well!!!


    Oh no – we are now the age of the mams of the hot boyband members – how the heck did that happen???

    Although, Harry from One Direction did go out with Caroline Flack and she is 32, so maybe the more mature ladies still have a look in with boybands!

    Though, tbh, I would not be interested in that, give me Michael Buble anyday!

    HMM – it will be like a school reunion, it is the kind of concert you could actually go on your own to, loads of 30 something ladies screaming and reminiscing!!


    30 something is right Sabbi..more the something 😆 😆 😆

    Harry Styles looked like Caroline son lol!!! She looks older than early 30 s i reckon..

    The last time I was there at work I lost my head with giddyness after forgetting about them for years..it all came back when I saw them 😆 especially the bit where Jordan rips off his shirt and sings a slowy!!!!!! 😆

    Not mad keen on Back Street Boys but New kids should make up for it 😆


    I just lost my post!!!!

    HMM dh has a golf night out…. plus im still trying to get over Bressie last weekend, getting a kiss and hugs from Bressie still has my heart racing!!

    Now if Marky Mark was to be there, i’d be there like a tramp on a sandwich…. loved him and he got hotter with age, oh i could do dirty things with him 😳 😳 😳

    Caroline does look older for her age, but think its the way she dresses. Did she not have a thing with Ollie?

    I wonder was she getting Knobbed by Simon, she would always giggle when he was about and if the reports going about he was shagging the lot of them… he "new toy" he called Dani when she started working for x factor


    "like a tramp on a sandwich" 😆 😆 😆

    Taylor you crack me up! 😆 😆 😆

    Speaking of Bressie, did you hear the prank call on Christy Dignam on fm104 (with plenty of slagging off Bressie!) Here it is…



    Very funny!! Christy doing you raise me up 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Shame Taylor!! Sure Donnie will do!

    Final call for any one fancying a night out ;0

    Guess I will have them all for myself!

    Was just about to have a sandwich..thanks taylor yuk!!!


    Sorry HMM lol
    oh yuck never like Donnie, i always thought he had a "strange" look about him


    Ladies I had a fantastic night..

    Went alone but ended up making lots of new friends throughout the day and night.

    Queued up from 2 pm in the rain and hail so I could get to the front but it was sooooooooooooooo worth it.

    The 02 was absolutely buzzing and was packed…the noise was incredible.

    Was never in to the Backstreet Boys but my God Nick Carter was HOT HOT HOT..the longer hair really suited him.

    As for NKOTB they were incredible..Donnie came over and shook my hand I nearly died..also got a grab of Nick Carters finger lol.

    It was a fab show really energetic and both bands worked well separately and together.

    I am still on a high after seeing it and it was great to feel young again..i worked out it was 1989 when I saw them the 1st time in UK..WONDER IF JLS and 1 direction will still be around in 23 years time selling out a world tour….me thinks not 😆

    Ah ladies what a thrill it was ..I will post link for the photos ..

    https://plus.google.com/photos/11574982 … qelgtTZugE

    Not my best photo work as was using dd camera and was screaming so loud!!


    Tut tut, HMM…..still not getting on the other side of the camera! 😆

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