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    Have your children ever had dreaded headlice?

    Annoyingly, most of us have to deal with it at some stage and we reckon Nitty Gritty products are best for getting rid of the nasty nits. They have no pesticides, are made by mums and are VERY effective.

    For back to school, Nitty Gritty are offering Mumstown members a special price on their Lice Comb of £5.99 (Plus P&P of £1.24 to Ireland) when you enter the code Mumstown. Go here to see more or place an order:

    If you know any parents who have creche, playschool or school going children – please share, it might reduce the amount of outbreaks!

    We found Nitty Gritty best when our 3 children broke out at the same time last year (it was a hellish two weeks!!). We have been using their prevention spray every day before school and have not had any further outbreaks….definitely stocking up on that again before September!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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