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    Anyone know where you can get ds repairs done? I dropped the boys ds over the holidays the outer case cracked and one of the hinges fell out, i was on hands and knees but couldnt find the hinge….
    So looking for a new set of hinges and an outer case/skin…. Would be great if someone did repairs or somewhere to buy parts


    you could try these guys on fb taylor, they do repairs for pc’s and laptops and i think games consoles aswell … 497&ref=ts

    hth 🙂


    Just had a DSI fixed before christmas and they were superb service ,

    They are based in bray if you wish to take a drive, but I posted mine (registered post) and it only cost 5e and they returned it by courier at a cost of 8e. The console was back within a week and they will quote before they repair etc.

    Although if it’s just a non techie problem like the hinge/screen there are many kits on ebay for sale ? Just google DS repairs etc.

    good luck !


    i did hear about the guys in Bray, thats great postage price, sure it would cost more in tolls and fuel to drive…

    im just about to google ds parts thanks girls


    Found what im looking for … od_29.html

    just not sure if ours is a ds lite…. cant find anything for just a regular orignal Ds?


    try ebay too they do repair kits and skins


    My DS dropped his DSi a few times and with that the screen went.

    I logged onto the website, logged the DSi in for repairs and received an an post parcel label in the post = so i didn’t pay for any postage.

    You can track when they receive it, what they found wrong with it, how they’d fixed it and so on…the only thing is the charge £30 for a minor repair or £50 for a major – however they do advise before proceeding as to whether or not you feel you’d like to go ahead with the repair.

    May be worth it as you could perhaps get a ‘guarantee’ or something with the work that’s been carried out.



    Thanks for that, its my old ds and i swear its about 5 years old… so dont think i’d bother sending off to get fixed, might just let dh has a look at it, dont think its worth paying to get fixed iykwim


    Found the right case only 6.99 … od_20.html

    Put order in and for tools, case and hinges and postage 26e… will let you know how i get on

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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