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    My ds who is 6 in August, still wets himself every night!!I have to put him in a pull up & its soaked every morning. i dont give him drinks in the evening. I try to lift him but he is such a very deep sleeper that he wont wake up even when he is sitting on the toilet & nearly falls down it. I have spoken to him about it & he says he doenst even know that hes doing it as he is asleep.

    He knows that when he is dry he is getting bunk beds & he really wants them but doesn’t seem to be able to stop.

    He is upset about it at the moment as his two year old sister is now nappy free at the night time and he is embarrassed although i try not to make a big deal of it. He said to me the other day " Mam you forgot to toilet train me". I feel so sorry for him.

    Has anyone tried the alarm? Has anyone got one that i could buy from them?



    Ah, the poor little mite. He must be so upset.

    We have heard good reports about the alarm but I have not used it myself so cannot say exactly how good it works.

    Aside from the poor little fella wetting the bed, poor you having to change sheets all the time. Here is a clever little product you might like to try: … -sleep-mat

    Its a bedtime toilet training sleep mat, its cotton on top with a waterproof layer built in. We have one for Summer as we are planning to start training her this summer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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