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    Our daughter used to suffer with night terrors when she was small, she would scream in her sleep and would not have a clue about it but everyone else would be wide awake.

    she seemed to grow out of it over the years but now, she has been screaming in her sleep again.

    She is 12 now but its started happening regularly and is not only disruptive to everyone else in the house but it is worrying for her dad and me because we don’t know why she is screaming in her sleep.

    when we took her to doc when she was small they said she would grow out of it and she did but now its come back.

    we don’t know what to do – anyone got any ideas/suggestions?




    One of the things that I have found that works really well is to get your child a notebook and every evening they write down what went on in their day. A nice step on is for you to reply about how your day was. This has a two fold benefit, you guys get another really positive communication vehicle that can be used as she gets older and, possibly, less willing to open up…but more importantly it allows her to process what went on for her during the day. For example, if she got in trouble in school, or a friend said something unkind, normally we can let that “ruin our day” and get home and say, “I’ve had the worst day” but by writing out what happened throughout the day, it can help her realise that one incident in the day doesn’t mean the day is ruined. This process will help her empty her head before bedtime, which can help reduce nightmares.

    Having down time before bedtime, with no devices can be really positive also. Get her some lotion and she can rub it on her skin which begins to teach her to self sooth before bedtime. Get her to repeat in her head, “I’m smoothing out the creases from the day”.

    If these don’t work, you can contact me directly at and we can discuss a couple of sessions with her using Logosynthesis which is really good at reducing/alleviating anxieties and phobias and nightime issues for both children and adults.

    Hope these help.



    What about some Rescue Remedy night time drops? they might help.

    poor little chick, must be upsetting for her too

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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