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    For the past week Hailey has been experiencing night terrors my research on the net tells me that she wont remember it happening but god it is so scarey to witness.

    how it usually starts is she will be asleep a few hours and then there will be a huge scream out of her as if she has hurt herself & then she cries inconsolably & thrashes around the place& no amount of soothing or rocking can calm her down this can last for up to 20-30 mins in one session. It can happen several times in one night aswell.

    Just wondering has anyone else experienced this & if so have you any tips for me to help her at all during an episode?


    Hi ladies,things have thankfully been getting better over the last few days on the night terror front.

    I agree Gemms that people just think that its a nightmare when you are describing it but it is so scarey to witness & very distressing to see your child flailing around & so upset.


    Oh yep, we had this with our daughter. She would scream the house down and would be in a deep sleep so she seemed to be unaware of it while it was happening but we were worried sick when it happened.

    We used to have to wake her up to settle her back to sleep. Sometimes she could do it a few times a night – it was exhausting for all of us.

    We used a method called ‘The lay down approach’ with her when getting her off to sleep and this helped. It is a calming way of getting baby to sleep by rubbing their back and repeatedly telling them ‘Its time for sleep’.

    Sounds quite simple and I was dubious about it at first but it worked out great for us and helped alot with her sleep.

    She is 8 now and still sometimes shouts out in her sleep – its not that common now but occasionally we will have to go into her and wake her out of it and settle her back.

    Hope that helps.


    Our son would do this, and if he gets too hot…. even now, it would happen with him…. but only if he is hot and sweaty,.,,, if he is cool it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.


    Update on night terrors!- I got to thinking could they be happening due to any of her medications. she started Singulair 3 weeks ago (to help with her cough) & when I read the side effects,it said in very rare cases (1 in 10,000) can cause sleep abnormalities, so I chatted to pharmacist who agreed with me & to stop it straight away.

    It took 2 nights to get out of her system & last night we had a terror free night, so I guess it took 2 weeks of being on the meds to bring out the side effects,i wish id copped on quicker that it was the meds doing it but the main thing is Hailey is no longer suffering.


    You can’t blame yourself for that one. if the side effects were listed as so rare, its hard to think that would cause it,

    well done for spotting that tough and glad she is better now. 🙂


    agree with Sabbi – well done spotting it as you said the side effect was listed as very rare

    Glad she had good nights sleep (and hopefully you too) 😉


    Hi Haileysmum, am glad you figured out what was the cause. Night terrors are so scary. Both my little boy and girl have had them and still sometimes have little girl has had particularly bad ones and would thrash about and be so distressed and even open her eyes and look at you but it was obvious she was still asleep. We didn’t always find a reason for them but there were a few ‘triggers’, over tiredness. when they were ill so not getting proper night’s sleep and even though I hate to say it there is also something else to watch out one. one time there was an outbreak of head lice in my little girl’s creche and it took us a little bit of time to notice her and treat her…but she had some terrible night terrors around that time. The chemist told us that if a child has head lice it can make them very tired which was the case hence the night terrors picked up accordingly…so also something just to watch out for with kids in school ect. Like I say very scary stuff and the first time it happened we were petrified…we could not get her to calm down and it lasted at least half an hour. When you say it to other people that have not witnessed it they don’t really understand it but i found it terrifying. Anyway things are a lot better now for us also..although they still happen. I hope they have stoped for good now for you also.

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