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    Morning ladies,

    I’m planning the new "big boys bedroom" for DS (he’ll be nearly 2) for the new year (when new bubs is ready to take over the nursery!) and am looking for an old fashioned china bedside lamp/nightlight. Do you know the kind? We had one that was a little house as children and it had a little orange bulb in it which just gave a soft glow from the windows. It’s not a reading light, just a night light…

    Does anyone know anywhere over here that might sell them? I’ve seen a few online from the UK but they’re a fortune and some won’t send here.

    Thanks! x


    riverside giftware mornington have lights not sure if nightlights but can have a look…..we have for my ds1 a sun wall light got in atlantic in dundalk, that stays on all night wakes if it’s off, have energy bulb in it and also coz not a proper proper light he still has light in his room…..

    or there is a bear thing that’s like a night light room gaurd, you place 3 crystals around the room and the chil has the bear, they then touch the bear and he activates the lights so child can feel some ease….did see in smyths dundalk i think…can’t remember the name sorry will have a goo for ya…..

    people may suggest the little plug night lights for us though he just did not like them wanted a light…

    best of luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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