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    mary simons

    Hi all
    Really enjoyed meeting you Mumstown mums yesterday at the coffee morning. Learned a lot from you. Any more ideas or comments re PJ’s Playcentre and how to make or service better would really be appreciated and listened to.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    It was great to meet you too Mary! 😉


    I think the car servicing idea between PJ’s and M1Motors is great. Having the car done and dropped back within 2 hours is so much easier than what I usually have to go through – dropping it in the morning and being without it all day and then picking it up that evening.

    I think this will be really helpful for parents.

    Also, the birthday parties in PJ’s are great. The kids love it and there is no cleaning up for parents afterwards.

    The only thing about PJ’s that drives me mad – is my daughters obsession with the ‘big blue slide!! Just kidding…LOL


    yeah mary great meeting you too, yeah have to say shoul rename to the big blue slide, the place if you drive past you’ll be tormented by your kids for not going in…lol 😆 😆

    also thought about the graco enterainers for the smallies…. … 6a7d9b4f9e

    and so handy if there’s babies that are 4months and want to be out of mummies hands…..


    Hi Mary
    I didnt get to meet you, I did see two ladies at the girls table (one blonde the other brown hair) dont know which one you were….. sorry!!

    What about buy x goes on the cars and get x free…. I think i spent more on the cars on the last visit 😆 😆 😆 Ds1loves them and would you believe he WONT go down the famous big blue slide, I was dying for a go and I would have loved if he wanted me to go down with him… but NO!!! Better luck next time 😆 😆 😆 😆

    mary simons

    Great ideas. Keep them coming. Am looking for baby walkers for the toddler mornings think it would be great to have some little ones flying around the Go Kart track (minus cars) in walkers.
    tried to open that web page you sent me but nothing happened!


    ok try going to smyths toystore website – and then search graco entertainer they have a sale on at the moment….

    also there are people selling 2nd hand ones too and even the bumbo seats too as mentioned before


    I have an older one I’d be happy to donate to you 🙂

    Am in Dundalk tho but up in Drogheda weekly.


    I have a baby walker only 3 months old like new, will sell 30 euro and a bumbo and play tray also like new (still in box) 35 euro, will send you photos…. will give you reciepts for warrenty etc

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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