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    Hi, does anyone know when Next is starting Xmas sale? Thanks for letting me know


    From the UK ads Monday 27th at 5am !! 😀


    wohoo i have 100 euro in vouchers 😆 😆 😆


    I went in today, around 2pm and the place was mobbed! I spoke with a girl I know who works there and she said people were queuing from 3am this morning to get in for 5am.

    I love to shop, but even to me that sounds mad! We were all tucked up until 9.30am this morning…so knackered after all the festivities!

    River Island has a fab sale on and heard Name it has a great one too, will get over there later in the week hopefully!


    The Next Sale is the one sale I HATE…. its like a stock room clearance, never current stock on sale just junk, you can find some good stuff but wouldnt be there at 3am!!!!

    I like the sales where an item was 50e before xmas and down to 35e after xmas, you could have your eye on something and go in when the sales start and save a few euro…. dont like them sales where they bring in sale stock


    I know what you mean Taylor, they had Halloween costumes in the next saleyesterday – rubbish!!

    Like the Name it sale for kids clothes, its a proper sale.

    River island and oasis sales sales were fab, really good reductions in both of those yesterday


    name it sale is brilliant and Shaw… i used to love Adams, they used to have a brilliant sale


    Loooved adams myself, used to get loads when they had their sales on they were brilliant! Love name it sales aswell cos the stuff in their clothes is such good quality they wash really well.
    Must go in tomorrow and have a look, still have 50euro of my vouchers left 🙂 got clothes and accessories for myself in vero moda for christmas and clothes & babygros in m&s for the kids!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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