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    that’s right east meath is not on irelands, map East Meath does not exsist…
    well that is according to the Meath County Council, it must be true, we are ignored, leppers of the county of Meath I reckon….

    we do not exsist in Wintery Snowy conditions, where we are isolated and neglected….we little specks of human beings are that little specks of existance …suddenly i feel similar to those on that tiny speck in Horton Here’s a Who….nobody cares…but us the giant elephants, trying desperately to be heard….

    There has been snowfalls icy roads but we have been forgotten, left to thaw like the unwanted ice and snow that has been bestowed upon us…

    However there comes some relief as we thaw into the brighter essence of tomorrow that will be spring (months from now) we will be noticed again once and for all…that is for the beautiful beaches, the horse racing, the wonderful scenary….yes noted that we are that belonging to the county they call Meath….only because we have been thawed out and accessible we will then be recognised and pin pointed on the map, the coast gaurd will return, the meath council will make sure that our villages are somewhat tidy, hedgerows may be prunned and possible roadworks will recommence…


    it is up to us the people of East Meath to stand up and be counted for please contact meath county council lodge complaints…help save others on our roads…make our part of meath accessible and safe for the winter months rather than being the dirty pleasure of that of the council just for the summer months….

    tel 046 9097000, fax: 046 9097001 email: Council Emergency Telephone Contact Outside Office Hours: 1890 445 335.


    too true….

    Needless to say, no response to my email……


    Drogheda people need to ring too, as the likes of julienstown is east meath too


    Meath County Council called me today after I sent an email too and confirmed that there is ‘NO SALT ALLOCATION FOR EAST MEATH’

    The guy named Jim – whose every second sentence to me was ‘I cannot comment on that’ – explained that because we are a coastal area we are not ‘usually‘ hit badly and therefore, there is no need for our roads to be gritted. Hello – this is not ‘usual’ weather!!!!

    I asked why, after the last severe weather 2 weeks ago had they not prepared and put some grit by for us for this time, when they knew this weather was coming and he said they were not allowed. I tried to be reasonable – saying we cannot get to work, school etc and he actually said to me – and I quote
    "If MeathCouncil had allocated grit to our roads in East Meath, they would have been taken to court by the judiciary!"

    They say common sense will prevail but not in Ireland people!! One of the worst hit parts of the country had no allocation of grit last time around and so far, not a piece of salt of grit this time around either.

    But fear not, as they seem to now understand how bad it is and he said they will be gritting ‘some’ of our roads tomorrow.

    Ah, so good of them…..


    I’m not one to swear online… but Sheesh…. I’m getting close….. 😈


    …and its snowing again. Seriously, my heart drops every time I see the white stuff now. 36 weeks pregnant with twins and completely stranded out here in Mornington…please let them stay where they are for this week! Can’t believe the nerve of the councils deciding which areas have more priority over others…we are the dregs of society then? At least they manned up and told the truth about not having any grit allocated to us. Seriously, how many adverse winters do we have to have before its not deemed "out of the ordinary"? We were in this same situation last year this time, and again 2 weeks ago. SO angry. 👿


    Just been watching the weather….. East coast forecast to have snow in store for the next 48 hours…. 🙄


    My sympathies ellokittee!! I’m in a similar situation in Dundalk – but only 34 weeks with one baby (have two boys under four though!!)

    Dundalk footpaths seem to be left to residents / businesses to maintain & main roads around the town itself (never mind those heading towards Ardee or Carrickmacross) are chronic.

    Even with massive mountain boots I’m nervous of falling.

    Seriously, I think they need a few ‘housewives / homemakers’ (what’s the correct term these days?) to take over for a while. If we can manage to maintain bread /milk / nappy etc supplies single-handed with small kids hanging off us, big bumps, no transport, you’d think a stack of dem boyos could sort out some salt & grit given a few weeks notice…..


    I did see a snow plough at 6.25pm yesterday 19th dec and then again today 3pm 20th think they gritted but then again could’ve been for show…. another at 9pm 20th dec and they actually gritted

    seriously they need their heads examined….apparently they are getting sea salt in from other countries…hair brained idea but we have seas surrounding us we are an island…eh could we not manufacture our own salt? get it from the sea? oh fresh salt from bettystown beach…..

    they are total s***s 😈 😈


    It cost more to the country / economy to let people unable to go to work rather than gritting the main roads.
    The main road don’t even exist for Meath county council.

    At least the school holidays are here, so our children will not miss on their education.
    After the first icy chaos, my kids were sick, then second icy chaos.
    Is it acceptable to have our children in school just over 1 week during the whole month of december?
    Will january be better?
    I’m so p….off.

    my email to meath county council is going tomorow, now heading to bed.


    ellokittee if you go into Labour ring 999, i know the civil Defence are sending jeeps out to bring expecting mothers to hospital

    Scole how do you know the 9pm one gritted? Did you go out to the main road and check? 😆 😆 😆

    Sabbi sounds like you got onto a right tom tit in MCC, just reading what he said on the phone made me angry…. how did you not totally lose it with him, real by the book man!!!

    Chewiode is right irishweather are saying more snow in the East for anything up to 48 to 54 hours……. also the thaw now forecast for 25/26th might not happen!!! They said if "something" (cant remember the name or reason, but something to do with Airflows) changes and moves direction, the weather system that we have just had will back track and gain force and increased levels of snowfall, much more then we have had… there is a slight chance of this happening, they expect it to move away but they said they cant rule out that it might back track, they will know more by late on Thursday!!
    Im not going to visit on Dublin on Thursday or Friday, my mam and mil wont be happy but not going to put the boys through a long road trip for a few hours visit, will go on Sunday…. sounds terrible but safety first


    better off staying put, i’d say they will be get over it, after all would they prefer ya safe than have you risking roads like that

    and yeah i ran out to check….curious to see if they were doing it for show or actually gritting iykwim….next time i’m taking a photo seriously….

    sound like a total sadcase, but hey this snow is turning me looper…lol


    Here is the email I got back from a local TD today….I would encourage everyone to email or call in, unless we put pressure on these politicians and council workers, nothing will get done. It is so frustrating!!!!

    "Hi Siobhan,

    Deputy Thomas Byrne sent on your e-mail to James regarding the gritting of areas in East Meath. I have attached a the Meath County Council gritting route for your information.

    You are quite right to say that the roads in Mornington, Donacarney, Bettystown and Laytown are not being done. James has been in constant contact with the area engineer and area administrators to try and get the road from Colpe through Mornington/Laytown on the route due to the huge population in these areas.

    Please see below some of the responses we received.

    "The gritting routes were reviewed and agreed by the Road and Transportation SPC and by the full council earlier this year. We are currently salting over 500km of roads and are at full capacity in terms of both manpower and equipment ."

    "These roads are not on the gritting route. The Council only has resources to grit the major routes, which are shown on the map on the Council’s web site – … ingRoutes/. The Council, however, will access the situation and see if it can divert resources to this area."

    "There is grit available at Laytown Depot and it is hoped to deposit grit at Donacarney junction, Stamullen, Huntsman Inn Gormanston, and Mornington Church."

    The latter was a concession made by Meath Co Co so communities could look after dangerous areas themselves. In fairness to Meath County Council and the NRA, there has been a shortage of salt due to sea conditions where salt is being sourced and more is due to arrive later this week.

    This is an ongoing problem and as the gritting route for this year was decided before James’ involvement we plan to lobby extensively to try get Colpe through Laytown, around to Julianstown on the gritting route in future."

    So there you have it folks….they will ‘try’ to get us on the map for future weather disasters. Maybe we should get onto Matt Cooper on ‘The last word’ on Today FM and let him rip in to them…..

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