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    Hi all,

    I’m going to Newry this week and was wondering if anyone has any tips on good places to pop into?

    I am looking for a Barbie Dollhouse for my 3 year old and Goalposts for my 5 year old. Have seen them in Smyths here but have been told about a store, I think its Toyzone, that’s giving Euro to Pound on products. Has anyone been? Is it worth getting toys and stuff up there instead?

    I also want to get some clothes for my 1 year old and the other two as well- is there anywhere in particular I should check out?

    And I was thinking of taking them up before Christmas to Clarks for their shoes. It will cost me €140 here for 3 pairs – has anyone bought kids shoes in Clarks up North, is there much difference?

    thanks for any tips,



    hi i went last week after i dropped kids to school it was mad , a tip might be to go there for half 2 as all the mammies will be gone 😆 or be there for half 7 in the morning 😆 😆 check out argos up there as there are great differences in the prices , you could check on line before you go


    it’s a bit mental going there at themoment, so if there’s big traffic jams follow northern cars into newry they’ll bring ya down a quicker route….

    there’s a shoe shop for kids piggwinks i think it’s called, supposed to have nice shoes, haven’t seen but my mil says there’s nice ones….you’ll see notices up for it,

    clothes, suppose next, but also debenhams is nice john rocha range is lovely for kids and reasonable….

    toyztore across from sainsbury’s is a bit of a rip off, but there’s a smyths in newry too, when you come to the roundabout for newry, newry right, go straight ahead instead of turning for newry and not too far up the road, smyths is there in a retail park…..

    woolworths is in the town itself, so if go in to buttercrane go to the back of the shop cross the road over the bridge and around to the left and up on the right it’s there…it’s basic but may get bargins there….

    sainsbury’s is doing 85pence to the euro at the moment….just be careful what you buy some of the christmas food, goes out of date quickly….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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