Newborn taken away from parents at 1 day old!!

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    Does anyone know what the story is with this little newborn baby who was taken away from his mum when he was just a day old. Apparently there were 7 Gardaí around the house to take the baby and the mum was breastfeeding the baby when they took him away.

    They said the Dad is a danger to the baby – jeepers, he must be a real headcase if they are taking a new baby off the parents and away from its mothers breast at a day old.

    All attempts by the mum to get him back have failed and the mum is taking the case to the supreme court this week.

    How can they take a baby like that – something must be really amiss :?


    Its all very strange there must be more to the story than we are hearing. I also heard on news that his other children are in care and so is her daughter who has made some really serious allegations about him. and that the hse have been momitoring her the whole pregnancy and that she had earlier agreed that it would be best if the baby was taken into care but she later denied it. The hse must have very serious concerns to move like that.


    I don’t think we’re being told the full story. The synic in me wonders did she choose to breast feed in the hope they wouldn’t take the baby. I do think the hse must have had some serious concerns to go ahead with this. I also heard about how any other children either the mother /father have are already in care and that the hse had been involved from early on in the pregnancy and the baby was deemed to be at high risk. The mother does have time with the baby – I know probably not a lot but the order that is in place is a temporary order to give the HSE time to put a proper order in place for the safety of the baby.


    The mother gets two hours a day, 5 days a week. The father is the main cause of concern – so he must live with the mother. He apparently is known to be controlling and bullying to the wife and has assaulted the teenage daughter in the past.

    The safety of the baby must come first. If mother is unwilling to give up the father for the safety of her children then they must protect the children.


    i agree the hse must have had great concerns to take other children previously. i hope they find a nice home for the baby that will provide it with safety and loved


    heard on the news mum and baby are reunited with hse supervision. hope it all works out well for them

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