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    Hello I’m new to this site and looking for some contact with other like minded moms. It’s not easy going from a hectic career to full time mama and I’m feeling a little isolated. Of course it doesn’t help I moved out of the city to the back of beyond far from friends and family. At the time it seemed like a good idea.
    I have a son who has just about 5 months and looks like the colic is finally passed. Stil breastfeeding including night times and started on baby rice with apple puree.
    Anyone out there who has to still give a feed through the night?
    Anyone out there who feels like they don’t want to return to work?
    I would log to hear from you !

    X Indi


    Hi indi,

    Welcome to Mumstown!!

    Ah, feeding through the night, I remember it well. My daughter is 2 now so we have stopped breastfeeding but the little rascal still wakes up 4-5 nights a week so we are still having interrupted sleep….its not easy!

    Going back to work or not is such a contentious issue – you want the social interaction and feeling of fulfillment but its a nightmare leaving baby.

    I struggled to go back after my first baby but just as I got my head around it, I was made redundant and part of me was relieved. I was sad to lose my job because I loved it but I was delighted to stay at home with our son.

    I work from home now most days and manage it around my children but somedays that it tough too.

    Being a mammy is such a balancing act and we don’t always get it right so be kind to yourself and try to go with your gut and see what feels right and works well for you.

    Where are you living – there might be a group of mums who meet near you?

    Hope that helps…..


    Have an eight month old. Went back to work last month. Hated leaving him, but work ok. Still hate walking away from him (and other three) every morning. Love being a mummy…

    He won’t take a bottle for me, the demon, so I’m still feeding him – he snacks all night. Have given in and take him in to the bed with me if he’s being difficult. I need some sleep to function….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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