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    Hi All

    Im a newbie to this site and a new mum to be.9 weeks to go and counting down!

    Just trying to prepare myself and get bags packed and thinking about labour :oops:
    I have seen some posts around about TENS machines and was wondering which ones are the best? Thinking of buying one cause i also see that some places dont hire them out untill 2-3 weeks before your due date….would feel alot better if i had it ready to go.

    Anyways hope you all are keeping well…am off for a few days R&R…badly needed at this stage!

    Talk to you soon


    hi there if you go to the town centre pharmacy in drogheda they would be able to explain all types to you best of luck


    Hi Fabcards and welcome to Mumstown.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I used the tens machine on both of mine just while i was in early labour. I just used the hospital one. To be honest it didnt do a lot of good really although maybe i would have been worse without it. It is worth a try but i dont think i would buy one.


    Welcome Fabcards and congratulations!
    I am pregnant with No. 2, due 4th November, so not far after you!
    Last time I used the hospital tens – to be honest it didn’t do too much for me. From what I can gather, it can be just as cheap to buy a tens machine rather than hire one, Taylor on here would probably be able to give you more information on them, she had one from her first too.
    Best of luck!


    Welcome to Mumstown!
    Best of luck with your birth … keep us posted!


    Hello there
    I’ve 10 weeks left and I swear by tens machines, but you have to have them on asap, the earlier in labour the better.
    I bought mine for 100euro from medicare and they still have that model for sale, but I did hear that mothercare have one for 60odd euro (if you attend a mothercare evenign you get 10% discount card for 9 sales)
    The mothercare one looks good, it has 4 pads (which you need) and a boost button for when your havingcontractions, it also has neck cord so you dont have to carry it about… .mine has a clip but you ten to wear a nighty in the labour ward so ended up holding it.
    I laboured for about 12 hours with just the tens and gas and air and I swear I didnt feel a think, my braxtion hicks I have at the moment are 10 times worse then the whole of my labour.
    Good luck and happy shopping.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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