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    oh thats another terrible blow for you but dont despair & think your only option is not to go ahead with pregnancy..if you really want to keep your baby it is probably going to be easier for you now in some ways than with an unsuppportive partner…

    Financially you will be entitled to lots help from the social welfare so you wont be desolute….

    also yes it will be hard on your own..but it may be easier than having your partner around & him not being happy & making you unhappier…he may even feel differently in a few months..if not you will be amazed at support you will get from friends & family when baby arrives….

    whatever your decision its your decision & nobody would blame you either way for whatever you decide…but as Sabbi says give it a week or so & see how you feel…


    Hi All,

    just found this site. I found out a few days ago i’m pregnant and while i’m happy about it I can’t really get excited as i’ve recently been laid off and money is non-existant, not sure if a baby is something i can afford with my partner.

    Also,if anyone can tell me what i’m to do next?! I went to my doc and all he said was that if i got 2 positives I must be pregnant and to take folic acid.. and to come back to him at 12wks for a referal to a obgyn.. the whole thing took 2 mins and i still don’t know what i’m to be doing in the meantime..?! I’m cramping a little and i’m not even sure if this is normal.

    Thanks for anyone who can shed some light!!


    Ah, you sound so thorn and confused in your post… to find out your pregnant at anytime is a shock, never mind after being laid off, but things do sort themselves out and happen for a reason etc.

    Are you attending Drogheda or a Dublin Hospital? The GP should have either given you a letter or said he is sending one off to the hospital, sorry i cant help anymore as its all changed since i had my last 2.5 years ago 😆 😆 😆 Maybe ring the hospital you plan to attend, you need to book soon as the waiting lists for scans and appointments can be Huge.

    Cramps are all normal and its a good sign, think they are called implantion cramps at this stage… there is a book What to expect when expecting, its well worth investing in.


    hi, congratulations on your pregnancy! yes i would agree with should give you a referal letter for your local hospital…if he leaves it til around 12 wks your first appt wont be until 17-18wks or so depending on waiting lists…

    my hubby got made redundant just after we found out i was pregnant again & was a worrying time as plan B was always for us both to look for fulltime work if he lost his well paid job as we didnt really expect another pregnancy…& on my first baby I got made redundant in early stages of pregnancy…

    but you never know whats round corner & this can all turn into a positive, i have learned to trust all happens for a reason & that things will work out for best so try not to worry about money you will find a way through tough times..the baby & u are most important now 🙂

    good luck & congrats again


    Try not to worry, I know its an uncertain time but often these things have a way of working out for the best.

    Your GP should have done a referral letter at your visit and sent it to your hospital of choice. Have you decided which hospital you would like to attend? Call your GP’s office and ask have they sent a letter in on your behalf and let them know which hospital you are planning to attend. The GP really should have gone through all this with you….

    There is a great book called ‘The Better Birth Book’ and it gives an excellent overview of the different hospital policies so you could rent that from your local library and get reading to see where you want to go.

    Money is a big worry when having a baby but don’t feel under pressure to buy loads of expensive things. There is an excellent ‘swap shop’ on here where you can get cots, buggies etc that are second hand but in great condition. There is also a spot the bargain section where you can find out about sales, offers etc the shops have on so you can pick things up near to the birth. If there is anything you have questions about you can come on here anytime and ask, there are lots of mums and other mums-to-be who will be happy to help

    If you are still having cramping and are worried about it, go back to your GP and have a chat about it. Your GP and the hospital you choose are there to support you and help you at this time and pregnant women are entitled to free medical care and also, free dental care. If the cramping keeps up you may be referred for an early pregnancy scan.

    If you are looking for a way to distract yourself, head down to your local library and pick up some books about pregnancy. There is no charge to rent books from Dublin libraries and its a great way to get the information you need without spending a fortune.

    Hope some of that helps. Take care and mind yourself and let us know how you get on.


    Thanks all for taking the time out to reply to me.

    At this stage my partner has decided to no longer be around so i think this just turned into what they term a crisis pregnancy.

    thanks for your help all but i think i’m done here since it doesnt look like i’ll be a mom..


    Take a few days to make a decision, you are overwhelmed right now so take a little bit of time and mull things over. You are probably feeling tired and emotional from the job situation and problems with your partner.

    But think, if you were not worried about your relationship and if you did not have money worries, what would you like to do?

    Try to take these other things out of the equation before you make a decision about your pregnancy. Don’t do anything rash, take some time.

    Chin up. Hope everything works out for you.


    That is terrible, well maybe its better he showed his true colours now rather then later, things do happen for a reason…. its a huge choice to make, take your time and get all the advice you can get.
    There is lots of support out there, you can foster or even put up for adoption, you could be a single parent, you could abort….. none of the above choices are easy, each one has its own pros and cons. Nobody will judge you for making the choice that suits you best and regardless what one you make, we are always here to give support and advice.
    Mind yourself xxxxx

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