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    Hi there,

    This is my first post. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to take the plunge to post. However, I’m looking for some advice and you all seem so friendly.

    I’m heading over to New York, leaving the dd and ds with the dh and really looking forward to it. Planning on going in May with some similar minded female friends of mine! I’m looking to treat myself. I was thinking of getting my hair, make up and nails done in a premier salon over there.

    The only thing is I have no idea where to go. Google is great but can anyone recommend a provider/tour operator/specialist that can help me with this or indeed has anyone used a salon of choice?

    Wouldn’t it be a great treat all the same? Seeing the sights of NYC, a bit of shopping and topping it off with a New York City style makeover?!

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    welcome fun mum… sorry cant offer advice have never been that lucky to get away some where like that on my own 😆

    but have fun whatever you do 😆


    sorry funmum, cant be of any help as never been there. i suppose just wait and see what the pplaces are like when u get there, or ask the hotle you are staying in to recommend somewhere.

    oh and welcome to MT!!!


    I do know you can take a sex and the city tour that might be fun, they go to all the bars and locations etc used in the series


    Thanks Happymumblemum and everyone for being so helpful.

    A friend of mine is in NYC and she is doing the sex and the city tour tomorrow. Coincidence or what?!

    I’ll definitely get her opinion on it and let you know.

    I’m so excited for treating myself! I can see myself already sipping a cosmo while getting my nails done!! LOL!

    Don’t we deserve it?!


    Hi Funmum!

    I have some mates who live in NY I can ask them for some advice.

    Have a fab time!


    HI Funmum…am planning a trip over for myself and my mum in sept, so definately let me know how you get on!!! 😀


    This sounds like a lovely trip and one I would love to take!! Can’t help with respect to places to go. Make sure to tell us how you get on


    Hi Funmum, am totally jealous, have been to various parts for the states over the last few years am going to miss the trip this year so totally depressed. I was only in NY for 48 hours but managed to pack loads in on top of the shopping. Would recommend a show, brilliant, think we say Phantom of the Opera, but having seem Momma Mia in Dublin i would love to see that in NY. We went up the Empire State at night after the show, less ques and it was beautiful, could make much out but the sky was full of fire flies. The only treatment we did fit in was, in JFK we had a layover of about 6hours after our flight to DC. There was a place in JFK that offered all kinds of massage & reflexology. We had both done and it was wonderful, great way to finish off the trip.
    My mam is heading to DC in April and my sis to NY and i cant go on either this year with other commitments 😥 😥
    Enjoy it, let us know how u get on


    I want to go boo hoo 😆


    Oh, I’m sure that you are all planning equally, if not better, fun holidays!

    Appartently its Siberia in NYC at the moment…my friend didn’t make the SATC tour!

    So I’ll stay quiet on this for a while, do my research and will share all my information with you when I get it.

    You know yourself how hard it is to get time to research a trip – with one hanging out of you and another wanting their dinner…..and that’s before I talk about the husband!! 😀

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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