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    dare i say it, but anyone have any new year resolutions….i wonder if any will be staying, usually mine slowly fade away after the 6th jan…lol…

    ok mine are

    meet george clooney (yeah i wish)

    getting my personal goals i’ve set this year for myself….
    get rid of the baggy pants lol and droopy boobs….lol….


    mine the same as every year ,lost weight again 😆 😆 …but this time i mean it 😆 maybe think about myself first before the kids & the hubby "if you know what i mean" 😉 ….well here,s to 2010 hope its a better year …..

    merry xmas & happy new year all… 😀 …………..


    I’d love to stick at mine this year…

    im going to try for a healthy lifestyle just eat less junk and get out and about more. Im sure this will help loose weight but the saggy boobs are here to stay….. well until santa drops a booking for transform clinic in my xmas stocking…

    MAIN GOAL… cut down (NOT OUT) on the junk food and sweets!!!! The sales in pringles will be taking a nose dive 😆 😆 😆


    i gonna try givin up 1 or 2 of my millions of jobs. Every1 tells me i race round 2 much, that’s y Uber Boss as manic as he is – how can u expect him 2 b anything other than a whirling dervish when all he sees is his mother meeting herself coming back?!? Hence the choking incident, everything, inc eating, he has 2 do at 400 mph.

    I also desp 2 not put myself at bottom of list iykwim, ditto above post. Not cos I selfish, but cos when I really reflect hard, i realsie that an unhappy, exhausted, giving mother produces anxiety and fretfulness at times in kids. It really is better for them if u r on an even keel rather than the back foot all the time.

    But really, I’d like to come up with some positive "I will…" rather than "I won’t…" for my NYRs – maybe easier to keep I suspect…


    To continue to lose weight.

    To finally pass my last exam.

    Hopefully I will be able to manage those 2…not too much pressure on myself!


    we will be more positive

    we will loose weight

    we will still have saggy boobs…lol….

    that a good start at we will’s hjs


    Mine are to kick PND in the arse once and for all.

    Come off meds for the above.

    Plus contuine with the weight loss

    Get some time to myself away from lovely kids and hubby


    maria it’s a tough on to over come but YOU WILL this year and many here that can help you get there……

    here’s to a happy 2010…we can do it.. we can do anything


    Thanks Scole.

    I really appreciate your kind words and support.
    It has been a tough couple of years but I know I can beat it just have to keep reminding myself!

    Had a bit of a set back over the weekend but getting back on track now. I think it was to do with stress of Christmas and me being as sensitive as the most sensitive thing you can think of!! (hope that makes sense)

    A few people said things to me and I really took them to heart instead of brushing them aside and forgetting about them but I dwelled on them and blew them out of proportion. Ended up throwing jam jar at hob with frustration and then had to buy a new hob as I smashed it. Still didnt feel any better either so was out of pocket and still angry and annoyed!!!

    Have to remember what my mam says be constructive not destructive!!!


    Very Simple really…….

    To be a better person, mother, wife, friend.

    having spent many years (before motherhood) being a bit selfish and demanding, something has really just shifted in my way of thinking in the last year and as oprah would say i am just not "liviing my best life"

    heres to 2010 and having more time for people, really listening and helping when i can, and more time for being positive rather than dwelling on the negative and especially appreciating what ive got rather than focusing on what i have not.


    here here….wise words from a wise old bird 😆


    I don’t mind any kind of boobs, not to mad on the big pants though.

    Probably give up smoking.


    😆 😆 😆

    well done rcole, Dont forget, giving up smoking is the best gift you can give to yourself AND your family!!!


    😆 😆 😆

    wise words missymum 😉


    rcole – trust you to say something like on the boobs…. 😛 😛 😛

    i think the whole weight loss heathly living is a big start – heh heh we are doing operation transformation after all….

    don’t know about the big pants though 😉 😉 😉 they may still be around for a while.

    droopy boobs……..well that’s what happens when you have two kids – maybe one of those wonderbras or surgery?!!!! don’t think either will do it for me…. 😳 🙂

    so be positive, start something new, lose the baby weight, be healthy etc….here’s to sticking to all the resolutions………

    and GOOD HEALTH to everyone too……….that is what we need – to be healthy for our kids, husbands and family…………always helps!

    years to a great 2010….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PS Maria30 – you’ll make it through……we’re all here for support!!!

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