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    how’s everyone getting on ? what plan are you on if any , i am with slimming world , what are your goals ?


    I really havent got my head around it being the new year yet – still acting like its christmas -not good.

    I had planned to lose another half stone by Paddys day as have a wedding then but i havent even started yet.

    Been sick, so thats my excuse.

    Have to stop eating biscuits & get out walking again.

    Not in the right frame of mind yet though. Hopefully i will be more motivated when i feel a bit better. May try sllimworld.

    Good luck Noeleen – you are an inspiration.


    well i’m more or less doing WW at home
    i weighed in this am and while i’m up not as must as i expected. Overall i lost 25lbs last year done dusted gone never to be seen again so I’m starting again as off this morning and I would like to see a stone gone by Easter – which is what 15weeks away so a 1lb a week so fairly realistic (i hope 🙄 😆 )

    Good luck one & all whichever way you’re doing it

    maryE i’m smothering at the minute and all i want to do is eat which is NOT good! though i have done 3 walks this week – only half hour walks but thats more than i’ve been doing last month or so!


    Well I joined Slimming World Wednesday night and I am shocked at how much you can eat! Seems a little too good to be true, but knowing how you have got on Noeleen it obviously works!

    Munchin, well done you have done great!!

    9 weeks until I go on holidays… I am going to be sensible and aim for a pound a week until then, anything extra (here’s hoping!)will be a huge bonus!

    After that… another stone and I will be happy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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