New Year Resolution? Make Looking After Your Skin Yours!

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    Christmas is over and the credit card bills are coming in, the sweet and biscuit tins are almost empty (apart from the one’s we don’t like!) We’re making all sorts of promises to lose weight, cut back spending, work out, get out of bad habits, etc. Most of us don’t last until the end of the first week of January! This Christmas especially has been particularly cold – one of the harshest Decembers on record so between the extremes of the artic freeze and the increased use of heating in our homes, offices and cars – coupled with stress and pressure few of us have escaped the toll it take on our skin.

    All skin types need looking after all year through but especially at this time of year – the basic trick is to use a mild wash on body and hair and of course moisturise your skin regularly. And to make this even easier, all the Elave Ranges have 33% Discount off (in participating Pharmacies nationwide) So there are no excuses not to look after your skin in 2011! :lol:

    Happy New Year! :)

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