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    “Families in the Wild” with David Coleman

    If your family would be interested in participting in David’s new series, please contact: 01-4735927 or

    “Sometimes when you are in the midst of family stress and in your regular environment it can be hard to “see the woods for the trees”. This is why it will be helpful to take families away from their home to give them a fresh perspective on how they get on with each other.

    Generally families operate as a system. This means that each individual within a family is influenced and affected by all the others. So when things don’t seem to work, for example that there are lots of rows, conflict, and misbehaviour etc. it is rarely the fault of one person. Everybody is usually involved to a lesser or greater extent, although most people try to point the blame for a families problems away from themselves!

    So when working therapeutically with a family one important thing is that everyone is pulling together to improve the family unit rather than anyone feeling blamed and resisting any change.

    That process starts with showing families how their current “system” operates. I want them to see how they each and collectively influence each other. For example parents shouting at children may lead children to ignore the “noise”, leading to parents getting angrier that they are being ignored, leading to more shouting.

    Over the course of the week we will plan a busy schedule of outdoor activities for each family that will challenge them to work together as a team, communicate effectively and build trust and reliance upon each other. Using these activities I hope to be able to show the families how they can be more effective and more functional as a group.

    It is important that the skills and lessons that are learned while away can continue to be applied successfully to how they interact and communicate at home. This msy need a bit of support from me and the team so we will reamin in contact with each family long after the filming stops.

    This therapeutic programme is about families whoare struggling with each other having an opportunity to get away from it all…and then to come back to it refreshed, re-energised and refocused complete some effective skills to allow them to get on better. This should be a a very positive experience for the families and a wonderful opportunity for any family who feels ready for change.

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