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    Carol Mcgee

    Hi, Carol here I am new to the site I just signed up today. I am a mum of 3, work full-time and recently got braces god help me. Busy busy busy the weekdays and weekends just go into each other. I would really like to lose a few pounds but need motivation and time. Anyone got the answer to the work/life balance.


    hiya Carol, welcome to MT,

    I too am a mum of 3 and have just gone back to work recently myself. I find that I have to be super organised and have everything ready the night before else I would never get out of the house in the mornings.

    I find that I cannot physically do everything as much as I do try (think us girls do think we have to be Superwoman all the time!) but as time has gone on, I find that I leave the housework more to the weekend instead of stressing myself about it during the week. I was told by a friend one day, sure who sees your house during the day when you are not there anyway? So no point in driving yourself mad over it! 😆

    Just make sure that you make time in the evenings with ur kids and dont worry about the rest, thats what I tend to do now!
    Re the weight loss, a few of us on here done the Operation Transformation ahow this year and lost some weight, they have a facebook page, so why not have a look and see if you get any ideas from it, also think our thread on OT is still on here somewhere!

    Welcome and goodluck 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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