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    hey there

    i got into this site last week when a friend told me about a specific thread relating to napro…now i hope you dont think im jumping the gun as i dont have any children yet myself but i dearly want to have some, but unfortunately it hasnt been an easy road so far….

    ive been on this site for the last week and already have made some good friends and i really enjoy chatting to them and i have to say everyone on here has been great and really supportive…

    as i said i know im not a mum but i am the best auntie in the whole wide world(honest i am, ask my 6 yr old neice)…i hope you dont think im gate crashing your site but i love it here and as im almost touching 40 (in 3yrs) i have a fair bit of life experiences too…

    thanks for having me guys (hopefully xxx)


    Oh you couldn’t be more welcome hun! 😉

    Glad you’ve found us! 😀


    Chickpea welcome to the site and im sure you will be as much support to others are they are to you….. you dont have to be a mum to be a mumstowner, we have dads, grandmothers, babysitters, childminders etc….. dont feel like your gate crashing the more the merrier


    Hello! If you’re a member of VHI they also have a lot on Napro etc on member’s area.

    You’re only 37!! My third is due in two weeks – more or less on my 39th birthday. Ds1 is 4, Ds2 i 2. Lots can happen in a couple of years!!


    you have had a busy few years Pookie 🙂

    welcome Chickpea!! 😉


    Yip, Moonflower, and haven’t even hit 5th wedding anniversary yet!! 😀

    Older birds like me need to get the skates on! We’ve also lived in two counties & I think he’s on his 6th job…. Constant drama!!

    Chickpea, meant also to say my mum had her last baby at 39 & my Gran – now 101 – only got married in her 30s, lost first three babies & still managed to have five kids! You never know what is around the corner.


    thanks pookie
    i though for a minute you were going to say ur gran just had one lol… 😀
    thanks for the reassuring words, i really appreciate it..

    you have ur hands full urself fair play to you…i bet they keep you on ur toes…

    and thanks to everyone for welcoming me to the site…



    hey Chickpea,

    You are most welcome, Mumstown if for aunties too so welcome on board!

    Hopefully, we can give you some support while you are on your journey to motherhood. Hope this is a good year for you.

    Enjoy the site and if you need any help getting around, just ask. x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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