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    :shock: i am shocked and sad :shock:
    just saw speech in TV :roll: cuts cuts cuts
    and "nice" levy rise :evil:

    any other thoughts :roll: … ml#Savings


    We expected most of it though, but still annoying! Early childcare supplement halved from next month and will be gone at the end of the year.
    An childrens allowance to be means tested or taxed!!!!


    what a bleek time ahead for all….this is madness……


    It was tough all right!!!

    It will be even tougher in december, i think they will tax the CB as how are they going to have a FAIR means test for it, like what would the income in a household have to be etc etc.

    X mas bonuses cut, that will hurt people at x mas and joan burton was right in her great speech about it leading many pepole to money lenders and into an even bigger hole.

    my boss got me smokes back from hols on monday i hope that when they are gone im going to give up, just cant afford the rise. in 2001 when € came in 20 was €5 in 8 years it was nearly doubled..its terrible!!!

    Trs being abolished after 7 is NOT RIGHT AT ALL!!!!!!!


    does anyone understand the free preschool year, what if there is no preschool in your area, will they provide one?


    Very confused over the preschool yr…..Just wondering if there are enought preschool places available in Jan 2010 for all those elligible and are they in areas where people can easily access them.

    Would be worried from my own personal point of view that there will be a sudden rush or places coming available or preschools opening to ‘cash in’ on this and they might not have the most trained staff etc on board. There are some excellent preschool services operating already but they have built up over time and have trained their staff over time too.

    The preschool regulations doesn’t state that a childcare worker has to have any formal training of a Fetac or Childcare qualification…… really worried that preschool services will open without the proper trained staff to provide the best care.

    A lot of parents don’t realise that some preschool services have very highly trained staff and some have staff who are part-trained but completing training while working etc. I’m sure there are staff who also have no formal childcare training or qualifications. The regulations only state that childcare workers be suitable and competent… that enough to give our children the best…

    This is taken from the Preschool Regulations 2006 with regard to staffing a preschool service. It really is up to the owner/manager to decide how ‘qualified’ they want their staff to be and I suppose the more qualified the more they have to be paid!

    Child Care (Pre-School Services) (No 2) Regulations 2006 and Child Care (Pre-School Services) (No 2) –

    8. (1) A person carrying on a pre-school service shall ensure that –
    (a) a sufficient number of suitable and competent adults are working directly with
    the pre-school children in the pre-school service at all times,
    (b) the service has a designated person in charge and a named person who is able
    to deputise as required, and
    (c) at all times during the period when the pre-school service is being
    carried on, the designated person in charge or the named person referred to
    in paragraph 1(b) is on the premises.
    (2) A person carrying on a pre-school service shall ensure appropriate vetting of all
    staff, students and volunteers who have access to a child –
    (a) by reference to past employer references in particular the most recent employer reference, in respect of all staff , and
    (b) by reference to references from reputable sources, in respect of all students and volunteers, and
    (c) by acquiring Garda vetting from An Garda Síochána when An Garda Síochána have set down procedures to make such vetting available, and
    (d) in circumstances where Garda vetting is not available for staff, students and volunteers who have lived outside the jurisdiction, by ensuring that these persons provide the necessary police vetting from other police authorities.
    (3) Such vetting procedures shall be carried out prior to any person being
    appointed or assigned or being allowed access to a child in the pre-school service.

    I think if they had done this with the children’s best interest at heart they should have introduced an early extra year at mainstream school where at least everyone would have to be trained and qualifed in their area of work. But this would be too much money and difficult to get going when they are just about maintaining schools as they are.



    i think what the governement was at was to implement something that children living in ireland would benefit – and trying to limit the money going to children not living in the state.
    it’ll be interesting alright to see how they will implement this


    from the irish times website re. the free school places:-

    From next January a free pre-school year for children aged between three-and-a-quarter and four-and-a-half is to be introduced.

    Under the scheme, children enrolled in playschools will receive free pre-school provision of three hours per day, five days each week over a 38 week year.This equates to a weekly capitation grant to the service provider of €64.50 and parents with children enrolled in these services will not be charged.

    Children enrolled in full- or part-time childcare services will receive free pre-school provision of two hours and 15 minutes per day, five days a week over a 50 week period. This equates to a weekly capitation grant to the service of €48.50, with parents paying for their childcare net of this

    Over the course of the year, the financial benefit of the scheme for a single child will be over €2,400.

    The scheme will be introduced from January 2010. and from September of next year, the pre-school year will run from September of each year in line with the school year.

    All children aged between 3 years 3 months and 4 years 6 months on September 1st each year, will be eligible and parents who wish to avail of the scheme can enrol their children with the available participating service of their choice.

    Copied this from another site, and to be honest i think its a great move!!!!!! Abolish the collection of ECS and CB for non resident children, and its saving alot of money too. None of this refers to me as ds is nearly 8 so im not too up on all the facts.
    You only really read what relates to yourself eh 🙂


    Thanks for all the information, my son is 3 in a few weeks and thought this would apply to me. Couldn’t afford to send him otherwise. i’m not sure if there is a playschool in Dunleer 😕 but i wouldn’t mind traveling. think it’s important for them to be around children there own age 😀


    hang on 3 and a 1/4 that’s when the expect kids to start preschool….ok i sent my son from the age of 2 and 9months granted he’ll be there for 2 years and i’m paying, but when the next comes around i know i’ll have to pay if send him earlier than 3 and 1/4…..fair enough but some kids will be starting primary school having just turned 4 does that mean that unless they attend preschool and 3 1/4 they do not get any preschool paid….perhaps not arguing correctly in written form better out my mouth…..

    i do have the worry that there will be a surge for places and people will open up playschools in their house in order to cash in, there should be regulations etc etc, and made sure that those wishing to open such facilities have completed courses registered and have to go through the same as purpose built facilities…..

    i think it will also weed out those who do not send their kids to preschool and get the supplement, but you will find that parents will only send because it’s paid for, and not thinking that it’s best for the child, which it is in the long run…….
    it will also gives those who wouldn’t have been given the oppertunity to have gone to preschool as their parents may not have been able to afford it at least they’ll get the chance to go now…..

    i disagree with alot of decisions that have been made in the budget and hope that some of them will have the cop on to senisble cuts, sure we can live in hope


    Suppose have to agree with that point… least all children have the opportunity of preschool now regardless of parents income……it does benefit the children in a real way….

    Just a thought……does this mean all children with intellectual or physical disability should get a free preschool place or will this still be kept separate and children will go to schools that can facilitate the child and maybe an SNA?

    I know I paid full price for 2yrs preschool for my daughter who had special needs. I didn’t have a choice in which school she went to and I was told it had to be for 2yrs to facilitate ongoing assessment for mainstream school and SNA needs etc. I hope children with special requirements will get the benefit of this too and won’t be left to one side.


    I really dont think this is something to be sniffed at!!! Really its a good thing why do people (and no im not attacking) constantly have to give out about these kind of things.

    My ds is nearly 8, i never had free pre school, i had to pay for ALL of it , only got the ECS for about 2 years as well.

    We really shouldnt rely on the "extras" the yearly budgets give us. Cos in the good times we get it and in the bad we dont.

    scole even if people only send them cos its paid for, how is that a bad thing for the children???? just a query?? the govt have some sort of figuires on this and its saving so much money then the ECS and its weeding out the fraudulence too. Its a win win to me.

    I hope all of ye who are eligable for it avail of it, me poor me hahahaha has to spend a fortune of 3rd class books now 🙁


    yummy i think it’s a great thing honest i do i think there are parents out there that don’t give a f**k about their kids and their education unless it’s free they don’t wanna know and are scabby and don’t pay for them to go to preschool even if they can afford it but keep their children’s allowance and childcare allowance for luxury items instead of using it to benefit their kids, you will find now though that those kids will go as the parents won’t be handed the money to do whatever they want with it, i think finally it will benefit the kids…

    there are parents out there too that decide they don’t want their kids to go to preschool and that’s fine too, but the free year will mean that each child hopefully will get the foundation before school…..

    i know parents that don’t send their kids beacuse it’s costing them ex amount per week then there are others that say oh sending them to just get them out of my hair for a bit…..


    In Recession time,

    A Good Goverment should be Helping its people especially the poor and middle-incomes they are the ones that is always being hit the hardest

    Instead of Decreasing the Budget Tax to tide over this recession
    We the innocent people are all made to accept huge taxes during in this bad times and worst is this budget will stop people from now on to spend their money simple to says is we are made poorer by the Irish Goverment itself.

    I think its time everyone especially all the middle-incomes and poor people should vote for a new Goverment this coming election!


    thank god am leaving this country in the next 2 years.i feel there picking on the children its not 1 bit fair its not the childrens fault there in depth. the ecs helps me out every month dd going to creche twice a week and dd justs loves being wit other children and loves the creche she is in i think i have to take her out of a creche now cause i wont be able to get the money together i just had to rant it was in my head all week good to get these things out.

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