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    I want to get some new trainers for my upcoming Lab Fitness bootcamp – my current ones have served me well for the past 3 or more years but are seriously in need of an upgrade!!

    Does anyone know any good offers on at the moment on runners that are good for aerobics & running etc? probably Asics or something like that…

    thanks in advance.


    I got a great pair in tk maxx,they have great support and air cushions, so comfy


    All the sports shops have an ‘end of line’ shoe section – keep your eyes open and you can pick up a real bargain.



    I alway get my Asics in Dwyers.
    Its something that will last you so its good to go local 😀


    what kind of price range are the Asics? I do like to shop local as much as possible….

    Like Heaton’s sportsworld too, they are an Irish chain of stores, might check them out…


    we got the girls runners and mine last yr in a sale in Heatons sportsworld – will be keeping an eye out for this yr mine are ok but the girls need replacing


    Not sure if you’d ever be down Kildare way but if you are you should check out Kildare Village – they have an Asics store and great discounts off retail prices. There’s Nike & Reebok stores too. Have to love a bargain! 😀


    I have been down to Kildare village a couple of times and really liked it but won’t be in that area before next week when I start (dum dum dum!!!) bootcamp!!!

    Will be in Drogheda over next day or two and will pick up a pair. Have to break them in by 6.30am next Monday morning when my bootcamp starts.

    (so help me…) 🙄 🙄

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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