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    The town definitely needs more playgrounds but I think the problem is a lack of space and objections from residents due to a fear of anti social behaviour. Its another of those "yeah we need more playgrounds but not in my backyard" scenarios.

    What happened to the skateboard park that was supposed to be on the cards?

    Personally, I think every housing estate or cluster of estates should have a playground. I feel residents would have more respect for them and would deter anti social behaviour.


    Hi All,

    DH has just seen a planning permission sign being put up on the Narroways Rd for a playground. I remember something about this before the election looks like its moving ahead now. Whoo woo! 😀 😀


    Where is the naorroways road Jmum. It would be great for bettystown to get one, only fair as laytown have one too. As i say the more the merrier when it comes to them. Great news. 😀 😀 😀


    ohhh really no way happy days that’ll be great news….

    is narroways up on the way to the school


    Narroways Rd is one of the roads off the roundabout beside the Bettystown court Hotel. Not the one that leads round to the Village Hotel and Castlemartin but the other way. No more trips in the car to Laytown. Happy Days.


    Must take a drive around there….. EXCELLENT!!!!!


    No offence but i cant believe Bettystown is getting a playground when there is one in laytown, just down the road.

    Seeing as Drogehda only has ONE with its huge population.

    Not begrudging it oranything & will probably use it but where are we going wrong in Drogheda that we only have one?

    Is because they are run by two different councils?


    MaryE Bettystown and Laytown are two different areas, think everyhousing estate should have a playground never mind every area… what if you live in Bettystown and dont have a car? Its a long walk to Laytown!!!
    Maybe Drogheda doesnt have a second playground due to lack of space or land to put it iykwim
    I was only looking at the old Coke site, wouldnt that be a stunning area to make a peoples park, duck pond, playground….. Ah just a dream of mine 🙄 😆 😆



    My Ds2 wont be impressed if the diggers and dump trucks dont stay at old coke factory forever. He loves going up to see them.


    we’ve 2 in duleek – and i reckon it’s down to the councillors so maybe Drogheda residents need to hound their councillors.
    I think playgrounds are great for the kids – my dd loves them (off course her favourite is the one furthest from us) BUT i hate the teenagers hanging around them stopping the younger kids getting on toys etc etc and the language 🙄 🙄


    Where could they put them in Drogheda?? Cant think of any area other then in private estates… Calling all Drogheda girls, would you be intrested in getting a petition going to get a second playground in Drogheda? If you dont ask you wont receive.
    Could we do an online petition and try get the papers to back us? Bit of profile for mumstown and maybe just maybe some funding put aside for next year.


    think it’s down to the council it being meath etc, but think there should be more outdoor areas for all especially playgrounds….
    i think in germany for x amount of house etc they have to have aplayground…
    if you’ve noticed abroad there seems to be alot of playgrounds, even if it’s something small at least there’s something…
    this country really doesn’t have an awful lot for kids to do well unless it’s privately owned etc….it would be nice for more things for kids, that they can get active and get out it’s not only good for their health but that of the parents too, letting their kids have run around time….
    it would be really nice to have a people’s park or a planting area for all to go to…..the thing about things like that in the uk they have them but you’ll always get kids idle and vandalise which is a shame….

    i suppose really the most natural playground we have along the east coast is the beach and we are lucky to have it…but it’s so dirty….wouldn’t a playground or swings etc along the beach be nice…


    I would defo be up for signing a petition for at least another playground in Drogheda.

    The one in Drogheda, takes me at least 35+ minutes to walk too, so not exactly easy walking distance. I usually end up taking the car. Even my dad, who is a real walker, cant be bothered anymore & drives!!! Cause after you’ve ran around after ds for a hour you really cant face the walk back.

    I will try to think of a location for it.

    Maybe the council could buy some of the boyne Valleys land or something?

    I will have to get the thinking cap on.


    The green areas around Bryanstown or the front of Wheaton Hall beside the shops would be ideal. There was a playground in Stameen put in by the builder, but it was removed a few years ago, that area is just lying empty at the back of the estate with the foundations of the slide and swings etc…
    maybe we should contact Fergus O Dowd and see what he has to say.

    Was there not talk a few years ago of a public park over the northside of Drogheda, think Termon Abbey area? Did i read this or was it a dream?


    Maria i agree but think its a Public Liability Insurance issue, fine to fund the money to build and builders give the land, but who is going to fund the running costs
    My nanas house in Terenure had a park and playground in what now would be green space, it had railings and two gates and it was the residents who opened and locked the gates, but that was many many years ago before claims and cheeky teenagers

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