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    Hi All
    If one is looking towards being innovative in gifting someone for their baby shower or newborn, then why not get something that would be needed, valued and very special.

    Well, the best gift one could give an expecting or new mother is lots of nappies to get through the nappy days of her soon to be born or new baby. And one really does not want to attend a baby shower or hospital with a couple of packs of baby nappies. But yet, agree that this could be regarded as an ideal gift. So, here is a new way presenting nappies to the expectant mother- a NAPPY CAKE.

    Nappy cakes are beautiful, unique yet practical and are sure to please any new parent. Any suggestions as to how i can get them out there without spending a fortune? All idas are welcome….


    I got a nappycake from my BIL, they sell them in his job in Dublin and dont think they were expensive. I have a photo of it as it was lovely…… there isnt much too it and you could make one up yourself, you could go to the local florist and buysome of the plastic wrap…..
    If you want I will tell you how it was put together and looking at the photo you would know what I mean.. my nappy cake had a blue teddy, a soother on the teddys arm, a babygrow with matching had and bib and a big blue ribbon on top….. it was done it either 2 or 3 layers just like a wedding cake (will have to look at the photo as I cant remember)
    Pm me if you want. I could text my bil and I wouldnt mind picking one up for you in Dublin…. cash up front of course 😆 😆 😆


    i also received one back in january when my daughter was born…..thought it was a cool present……but it was so nice i never opened it up……its up in her room on display for all to see………think it contains nappies, 2 blankets, bibs, socks and a teddy bear……..think the girl who gave it to me ordered it online……..a really great gift


    Oh mine had a blanket too, now that I think of it that was the top layer of the cake lol
    Do you want me to get a price from my bil


    nappie cake, what a great idea!!

    In saying that I would always buy some nappies or wipes, as you always get too many clothes when babs is born, or even find out what formula they are using if not BF and get a few packs of that too! Very practical.


    trixie that’s a great idea actually…formula, rather than clothes…..

    i got from taylor a thermometer, a digital scan one pretty cool, so delighted with that….

    have loads of nappies


    All you need now it the baby to scan for temp lol ……. I tell you I’ve gotten great use out of mine, Max tuck another turn this evening his breathing is very very bad, steamer on hours and only starting to setting as the coughing has stopped

    super minder

    hickeys in wheaton hall do wonderful gift baskets for 45 euros. i would say west streetone does too. it had all the above items ye were talking about and nail chippers and sponges and it looked a lot dearer.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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