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    The way the politicians are dilly dallying over the decision about where to build the New Children’s hospital is an absolute joke. Every day on the news they are fighting and giving out to each other in the Dail about where it should be. They should at least have decided on a location by now :twisted:

    There have been consultants, experts, review committees and all sorts of people called in (and paid handsomely) to decide where it should be after all the research and all the money spent, they have not even made the decision about where to build it. Why can’t they just make a decision and get cracking on it? It is desperately needed.

    I thought the idea of putting in Tallaght was good, it is just off the M50 and accessible for most people. Putting it in Dublin city centre could be a disaster in terms of traffic – because while there is a great public transport system, if your child is sick, you are not likely to use public transport, you would most likely drive and that would be a nightmare for parking, traffic jams etc.

    All the while, there are children in need of procedures and operations and there are waiting lists a mile long, so the children who need care, are not getting it – the politicians should be ashamed of themselves.

    The children really do come last in many ways in Ireland now. Very bad form altogether, really annoys me. :evil:


    I dont know why they didnt got the with Citywest site? It was on the Luas line and its on the N7 route, the road that takes most of the country traffic into Dublin…. assholes!! No matter what choice they make it will be the wrong one made for the wrong reason


    Oh my word….so annoyed!!!!! Its no wonder the country is in tatters and there are no decision being made about important issues when the TD’s have just voted to give themselves ALL OF NEXT WEEK OFF, to co-incide with the mid-term break. They have already had 8 weeks off during the summer and now they are taking another week off.

    They should be ashamed of themselves. Those of us with jobs know you cannot just stop working for a week because there is a mid-term break.

    Its well for them….the cheeky, lazy, layabout, good-for-nothing chancers 😈


    I don’t agree with city center location either. Not great for parents of sick children, but even if you don’t care about the parents (they don’t seams to care, as parents here we all know the need of been with a sick child without having to pay a full mortgage in car park fees), what about the ambulances with sick children inside needing URGENT care not been stuck in traffic.
    Dublin city centre doesn’t make sense, so why are they thinking about it? It’s just common sense.


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