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    :D Hello Ladies
    I’m Scarlett,a mom to a 3 year old boy, very cute and to a 6 year old lovely daughter! I’m a newbie to forums but hope to meet some other mommies… :roll:


    Hi there,

    There is a parent & baby coffee morning every Wednesday at BB’s in Sc*tch Hall 9.30am. It’s good for the kids but not great for interacting with other parents.

    There is a really good parent & baby coffee morning once a month in B*gel B*r, laurence centre on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 10-12. They provide toys, free snacks etc. so all you need is to buy your coffee, juices etc.

    The tables are all facing each other so there is much better interaction at that one. The next one is Tue 3rd Feb.

    Also, there is a mumstown 2nd birthday party celebration night with cocktails at the D H*tel on Fri 6th Feb at around8.30pm. There will be nibbles and special offers on cocktails and it will be nice for the mammies to get together without the babies for once!

    Might see you at some of the above,


    Well thank you for the invite 🙂 . Which one do you attend?


    Hi I am brand new at this too, just joined today, my sister put me onto it and said it was great so thought I’d gve it a try, I’m also a mother of a 5 year old boy, thinking of going to the night out in Drogheda should b fun, maybe I’llc u there 😀


    normally i don’t see a reason to attend these, i have a couuple of girlfriends who have kids the same age as my son. So we get together so we can chat up and they can plsy together. Also my sister and my son are only 5 months apart. As for my daughter would these groups benefit her age aswell???


    To b honest Scarlett I dont really know, I have never attended any as yet as I just joined. maybe someone else can help u there


    Welcome to the site you will find it a great for meeting others and brilliant for advice etc..


    Welcome to Mumstown BeyondScarlett.

    There are a few Parent & Toddler mornings … here is link to the list. … ory_id=425

    Not sure about the age groups as they change all the time.

    Maybe we’ll see you at the night out in the d hotel?


    Welcome Beyond Scarlett


    hi all,

    the parent & coffee mornings are good for meting new people and letting the kids interact and the nights out (I havent been to one yet) but I guess this will be nice for chatting to other mums without the kiddies!

    i’ll prob make the next Bagel bar coffee morning 3rd Feb and the night out to celebrate mumstown 2nd birthday at the D Hotel on 6th Feb, so might see some of you there,



    Thanks girls. I’ve posted some threads give me your opinions! 🙄




    hello Yvonne.. 😀

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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