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    New to all this! Totally delighted with getting pregnant, never thought it would happen to me. but my God its a pretty lonely experience in some ways, went to the Doc to confirm she told me to book my firtst hospital appointment took my BP and told me not to eat blah blah and then showed me the door!!! I felt really alone, nobody to ask are these pains normal etc. I stay awake at night worrying, and I know I shouldnt cos its not good for the baby, but I feel I am the only one who wants the best for this baby and the GPs really have no interest. Anyone else feel alone ?? by the way I am four months and I do have a partner, but I dont feel he gets it either. Sorry to moan, I am actually really delighted. :D


    Missymay congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to mumstown.
    I know how you feel about pregnancy being a lonely time, I know in the early days for me dh wasnt very into it, he was delighted we got pregnant so soon but didnt get very involved unitl he saw the first scan.
    Cramps and pains can be normal enough in the early months, dont be afraid to ask about anything your not sure about, thats what we are here for. We may not be able to answer your question, but between us all we put our heads together we might put your mind at rest.
    I got myself a great book when pregnant, it had all the answers to my questions, its called "What to Expect when Expecting" There are no colourfull pics or anything but loads of text, makes a great read


    Hello Missy and Welcome to Mumstown.

    I just got this information from OLOL and thoughtit would be useful to you!

    The maternity unit at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital is running Early Pregnancy Classes. From Wednesday 21st November, these classes will now be held every Wednesday from 5pm-6pm. The class is a chance for women in early pregnancy to get information on: changes taking place every week during their pregnancy, back care, pelvic floor exercises, joint care, healthy eating, etc. During the class expectant women will meet their midwife, physiotherapist and dietician.
    We would encourage women to come to this class as soon as they know they are pregnant. There is no need to book and partners are welcome.The earlier we meet women in pregnancy the better!
    The classes are held in Room 1, Nurses Education Centre, (Beside the Lourdes Church)

    Contact: Grainne Milne or 041 9837601 Ext 2256


    Hi MissyMay. This is a great website and I’m so glad I found it. Contrats on your pregnancy, it can be such a great time. That’s when I became additcted to the internet as I wanted to know as much as possible about what was going on. As Taylor said, feel free to post any question at all. We’ve all been there 😀 . Those classes in OLOL sound great.


    Hi and thanks to everyone who replied, its great to know I can connect with people who can or will try to help. I think I am feeling the blues at the moment but thats to be expected when I feel and look like an aul dishcloth!!!

    My partner has seen the scan and this did help him connect a bit but I fear he will be one of those fathers who is all display eg look at my baby and drink to celebrate his proud acheivment but I am afraid he has no substance eg will not be a proper father as in a provider and supporter.

    Sorry I seem to be worrying about everything these days! but nice to know I can share my thoughts, thanks everyone.


    Welcome Missymay – congrats on the pregnancy and best of luck!


    hi misseymay, welcome to the site. good luck with the pregnancy.


    welcome missymay and congratulations!!!!

    There is a section in here called "due dates" where there are other mums to be as well, which might be helpful for ye!!

    You’ll love it here 😀


    Welcome Missy and congratulations on your pregnancy,
    I think a lot of men dont really connect with babies until they are out and in their arms so I would nt worry about that…my dp used to drive me mad cos he wouldnt read any thing about pregnancy or birth it was really annoying that I felt like it was all down to me 🙄 but once babs comes along I think they come in to their own I know mine did they love the practical things…dp used to love putting together the breast pump and organising expressed milk and of course doing up nursery 😆 as well as being the < best> 🙄 at getting her to sleep ❗
    This site is a great resource especailly when you are feeling down there is always someone around to help and offer a cyber shoulder to cry on 😆
    Get yourself loads of books and mags and enjoy your pregnancy, dont forget the library will have them too if you dont want to buy them as well as ebay or something.


    Thanks everyone, I will go into the due dates sounds good, esp thanks to happybumblemum, sounds like sound advice.


    i have to laugh at these fathers who when their wives are pregnant say i cant wait to play football with them ffs the child would be 3 or 4 before they could do that , a lot to be done before that


    congrats on ur pregnancy & welcome to the nut house

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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