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    Hi All, Great to hear about this site this morning on way to work on Today FM. Was dying to get in and have a look.
    Have 9mth old boy and I’m back in work a month. Not finding motherhood easy-am looking forward to chatting and getting advice from other mums around the country. :D


    Hi Angie,
    I heard the slot on Today FM as well. Great idea. Working and college mum of two girls. Its hectic but I am looking forward to sharing ideas.


    Hi,My husband rang me to tell me about the website,I’m a mum of town kids,a girl of 5 and a boy of 3 1/2,keeping me busy.I jobshare so i get to spend half my time withthe kids,then go to work for adult conversation.Looking forward to hearing all your hints and tips.C.


    morning girls, a BIG welcome to mumstown, its a fantastic website, you will love it here!

    Enjoy chatting! xx


    Welcome to MT girls! You will have great fun here!


    Hi Angie,

    Welcome to Mumstown!

    Must admit, motherhood did come easily to me on my first baby either. I found it tough as he was not a great sleeper or eater and I really struggled those first few months. Was at my GP a few times in tears wondering why I was finding it so hard – naively, I had expected it all come naturally to me!

    I felt quite alone and was apprehensive about saying this to anyone incase I seemed ungrateful to have him! I tried to get on with it but it was tough – until I discovered that talking with other mums was a way to get advice and support. has been great for me, I’ve met lots of mums online and at events and have been able to get the help I need on days when I feel like pulling my hair out!

    Knowing other mums were going through the same things as me made it easier to cope and generally, the mums and dads on here are positive so this site became a great support for my husband and me.

    We now have 3 kiddies, aged 6, 4 and 2 and also we lost one along the way too and I can assure you, motherhood does get easier.

    My second and third babies were a doddle compared to the first – actually, somedays its easier having the 3 of them driving me nuts than it was when it was just my first newborn ❗ ❗

    Happy chatting, hope you enjoy the site.


    Hi Susanna,

    Work, college and two girls – fair play to you!! What age are your girls? Sounds busy…but as long as you enjoy it, thats main thing. What are you studying?

    Happy chatting!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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