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    Hi all,

    Was in Scotch Hall today and popped into New Look. Saw a cute top for £18 but it was €28!!! I asked the manager why there was such a huge difference between the Sterling and Euro price and she gave me the usual story about prices being set by the UK and that they have nothing to do with it.

    She then offered me a 10% discount on the spot if I wanted to buy it. I said I would rather drive to Newry and get it there.

    Our of curiosity I asked if many people complain about the conversion rates and she said not many do.

    I don’t get it. We all moan and groan to each other but not to the shops who are overcharging us!!

    If more of us actually made a point of asking for a manager and questioning the pricing maybe something would get done about it and then we wouldn’t have to drive up north for a fair price.

    Just a thought….


    Sabrinab 08

    Hi there, she was probably trying to save face.. of course others complain!! thats the exact reason River island have reduced all their prices.. the staff in there actually tol dmy friend that sales had gone down and ppl wer goin to the north and letin them know about it so they had no choice but top stop extorting money!! and reduce their prices.. 😀 😀


    i bought a pink top in there a while back it was 22 euro it went very big in the wash. i got the same top in a wear for 15 euro in grey and and nothing ever happened yet.


    Must check out River Island so….thanks for the tip!!


    Keep telling the managers in shops about prices because staff can do very little it is only through customer pressure that shops will change


    I agree…….Adams currently are matching euro for sterling price……i bought wee girls top……sterling price was 11.99 which is what i paid in euro……but the euro price on it was 18.99……………..we are being totally ripped off

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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