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    Hi everyone, Just wanted to say hello. Really like the site. Im a first time mum with a DD aged 7 months and recently moved to the Louth area where my partner is from. Feeling like Id like to get out and about a bit more as it can get a bit isolated being at home and I dont really know anyone up this way. Does anyone know of any parent and baby groups? I went along to a parent and toddler group, everyone was lovely but felt like a bit of a spare cos It was more for older kids. (I missed the mumstown meetup in Dundalk cos I was sick). Would love to hear if anyone has any ideasThanks a mil


    Hi Kaybee,

    There is another meet up in Dundalk on the first Thursday of next month (these Mumstown get togethers are always on the 1st Thursday of each month) so the next one is on 5th May.

    It takes place upstairs from 10-12 at the Bagel Bar and there are lots of babies & toddlers there and plenty of mums to chat to.

    Hope to see you on the 5th.


    Hi Kaybee,
    Whereabouts are you based? There’s a Mother and Baby/Toddler coffee morning in the Redeemer Resource Centre in Dundalk every Thursday morning from 10:30. The girls there are very welcoming.



    Some mums meet in Pirates den every other week as well, I’be just sent you a PM with a phone number for one of those mums, she is lovely and will be able to tell you about local get togethers you can attend with your LO.

    Hope that helps and look forward to seeing you on the 5th May in Marshes if you can make that one.




    st peters group is on mondays & fridays 10-12pm €3 tea coffe snack for kids, we have anything from 7 weeks – 3yrs, just depends whos there!
    its at st peters hall up from laurences center. oposite church.

    st marys on dublin rd think they do wed and fri

    and palace st – not sure what day, perhaps someone can put info up.?

    thanks j


    Thanks a mil for your replies! Im based in Carrickmacross/ Dundalk so I will definately go along to those Dundalk groups after Easter. Im presuming they stop over school holidays… Drogheda may be a bit far but thanks anyway.


    The group in the Redeemer Resource Centre will take a break over the Easter holidays but do come along afterwards. It’s free of charge and children there range from newborns to 3 or so.
    Might see you there,


    Thanks a mil. Will come along after easter, hopefully see you then


    Also Wed in Dundalk:

    – Muirhevnamore Parent Toddler Group &
    – Nursing Mums Group (upstairs in Costas, Marsches 10-11.45)

    Redeemer one also good.

    Am also blow in to Dundalk – have three boys (8 week, 2.5 yrs, 4 yrs)
    Where you from originally?

    pm if fancy a coffee & chat some day downtown or in my place (town centre – near cathedral).

    Back after Easter

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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