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    iu new here – neveer used internet foruns beofre
    i have 5 children, boy 9 y, girl 8 y, boy 6y, boy 2y and girl 3 weeks
    looking forward to chat to many other mums in her


    5 children, wow you must be very busy. Its no wonder you had no time to chat online before 😆

    Welcome to Mumstown. Plenty on here to keep you occupied when you get a break, aside from the chat forums, there is an events guide (click the ‘events’ tab above for that) and as ‘ask the expert’ section, see the box on the left side for that.

    Hope you enjoy the site, happy chatting!!


    You are busy!! I’m one of six myself! I have three kids (4,2 & three month old) & the husband says that’s it for us. I wouldn’t mind another, but think I’m facing a losing battle. Lots of mums of 4 & 5 on this site, so very ‘bigger family’ friendly!

    I’m a Mayo woman in Louth. This is a great resource – especially if you have a problem. Check out the Co. Cork thread (I’m not sure how busy it is).

    At the bottom of each contribution, there is a pm button. This is to send a private message to another person on the site. You can exchange email addresses, phone numbers etc privately if you want or stay anonymous.



    Welcome to Mumstown….x

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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