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    Hi all,

    I went to check out the new hairdresser down beside the Savoy cinema in Balbriggan today. For a wash, cut and some highlights they quoted me 40 euro – which is unbelievably excellent value.

    I am planning to go next week with my sister for hairdo’s and maybe a manicure too (which start at only 10 euro!) but I was wondering if anyone has been yet – I would like a recommendation before I make an appointment.

    I usually pay over 100 euro for highlights and cut so if these guys are good this sounds like a great price….



    I went to this hairdressers and its brilliant.

    I had an appt. for 5.30pm for wash, cut, highlights and blowdry. I expected to out about 7.30 as it usually takes 2 hours or more when I go.

    I was in the chair at 5..35pm and had the whole lot done by 6.50. The highlights are really nice (well I think so…) and the cut is good too. I got to sit in a nice massage lounger while I got my hair rinsed and the place is clean and bright and the staff are friendly.

    I nearly fell over when they said €35!!! The last time I had cut, highlights etc. I paid €120 and spent 2.5 hours in the hairdressers!! I gave the girl a €10 tip as I actually felt I was being undercharged!!

    This is a little gem of a place. They do manicures and pedicures etc. and are really competitively priced.

    They are beside the cinema in Balbriggan, just off the main st.

    This is one serious recession busting hairdressers and they are good so at least you know you’ll come out looking ok too.

    Will definitely go back…


    I have just been to tihis hairdressers,

    They are brillant!

    Full head of highlights, and I mean, we went through nearly two boxes of mesh!!!!, a cut and blowdry and it was only €60.00, I would have paid twice that with another hair salon.

    I feel I have found my new hairdressers!!!


    Has anyone a number for this place? Looked everywhere and cant find one…highlights are definitely overdue at this stage!!


    I was at this hairdressers tonight – its a lovely place and the girl doing my hair was great.
    Was there 3 hours which is longer than normal but well worth it.
    Had 1/2 head highlights, cut and re-style- a fantastic head massage – all for E50. Usually costs at least E120.
    Fair play to you Sabbi – I will def be back 😀
    (bring your own mag tho – missed my gossip :wink)


    Girls whats the name of the stylist that did your hair? Want to book myself.


    Hi Lai, didn’t really catch her name – could be Anca- but she has blond hair the other girls were dark. hth & enjoy!



    The name of the hair dresser is Forever Beauty and the phone number is 01-9680561. Ask for Joanne or Diva (I’ve been to the two of them and they’re both good!)

    and tell them you’re a Mumstown mum. Apparently there have been quite a few of us going in….

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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