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    Hi All! Friends of Breastfeeding will be launching an app for National Breastfeeding Week where mothers can ‘check in’ when they are breastfeeding in public. The aim of it is to raise visibility of breastfeeding, within breastfeeding mothers and give mothers the confidence to nurse more in public, something recently highlighted as an issue by HSE consumer research on breastfeeding. We are planning to announce the app at the Challenge venues and encourage everyone to kick off the app with a bang by organising a coffee morning or any kind of get together for breastfeeding mums on Wednesday 3rd Oct. If you plan something in advance and want others to join you, please send us details to list on our website and we’ll help to spread the word. You can also get involved by doing something more informal, just meet a friend for coffee and ‘check in’ to show others who might be nervous about breastfeeding in public that there are others out there doing it!
    Please support this initiative by breastfeeding in public on Wed 3rd Oct in at least one place, or as many as you want :-)
    If anyone organising meet ups could email the details to, I need venue, time (assuming date will be 3rd Oct), contact name and number, then I can get them all listed on the website. Please forward on before this Friday 21st so we can advertise all events as widely as possible. Thanks!

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