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    Hi all,

    TV3 are looking for a bunch of parents & toddlers to come over to their Ballymount studios in Dublin, next Thursday morning, 12th May for a ‘Live on air Big Toddle’ in aid of Barnardos, children’s charity.

    If you have a toddler/small child and would like to come over to help raise awareness for Barnardos (and maybe see a few celebs while you’re over there!) please let us know.

    You can email or reply to this thread if you and your little one would like to join in the fun. :wink:

    We will have some treats for all the parents who take part.



    Ah, we did it last year, and it was a good laugh! Especially because my little one was devastated that she didn’t "win"… ah, the joys of my then 3 year old! Would have done it this year, but both of them are at "school"… 😉

    Go on gals, it’s a good laugh!


    Ah I would loveto do it, but have no way of getting over there on Thursday morning.


    Hi Wendy, if you want to come with a friend who drives, that would be no problem. The more the better – TV3 are looking for 20-30 toddlers, so we need lots of mums & their little ones!


    Is it Tuesday or Thursday?


    It is on Thursday, they had to change the date. We are looking for lots of parents & toddlers to come along with us, anyone interested please send an email to



    Thanks to everyone who made it over to TV3 this morning, there was a great turnout. It was a bit windy and cold but that did not stop the kids from running up and down like lunatics! They were hilarious….the cameraguy kept asking them to ‘walk’ and they were all running at full speed – except my little one who clung to my leg for dear life and would not budge from the start line!

    Hope to see lots of mums-to-be, mums, dads, toddlers and maybe even a few grandparents at the next Mumstown Big Toddle, on Thursday 2nd June at Marshes Dundalk. 🙂


    was great way to spend the morning!! kids had great fun..thanks for the company sabbi, your dd’s were round earlier and my dd went straight over to dd2, think shes made a new friend lol

    cya soon!!


    Ha Scotsmum, had a feeling that would happen…my little one was asking me which house you guys are in as she wanted to see her again!

    Next Big Toddle on 2nd June in Marshes for anyone who wants to come along. The kids love it, its great fun!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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