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    A new book entitled, ‘Recovering from Postnatal Depression’ will be launched in Dublin on Wednesday, 1st December 2010.

    Written by Madge Fogarty, Chairperson Postnatal Depression Ireland and Bernie Kealey Founder of Post Natal Distress Association Ireland, the book is aimed at women and their families suffering from postnatal depression.

    This book describes the most common situations where a mother develops Postnatal Depression (PND), the main symptoms, what it is like to live with PND (for those affected and their families) and practical advice that is proven and effective to help bring about recovery.

    PND effects around 20% of women in Ireland every year and can vary greatly in how it affects someone with women experiencing symptoms that range from very mild to very severe. PND has no boundaries and is not prejudiced; it affects women of all ages, social and ethnic backgrounds, those who work at home and those who go out to work, those who are married and those who are single.

    Speaking at the launch of ‘Recovering from Postnatal Depression’, co-author and Chairperson of PND Ireland, Madge Fogarty said, “Childbirth is a wonderful event in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, this wonderful experience can be affected by Postnatal Depression; something that affects women from all backgrounds. This illness can have a devastating effect on a new mother and her family. Having an awareness of the illness is very important so that symptoms can be identified and like any other illness the sooner you go for help the quicker the recovery. There are lots of women’s stories in the book that women can relate to and be encouraged that they will recover.”

    The book is dedicated to Nollaig and Tadgh Kenneally, who lost their lives in 2007. They were the cruel victims of Postnatal Depression.

    ‘Recovering from Postnatal Depression’ will be launched on 1st December in Buswell’s Hotel, Kildare Street at 6pm.

    The book will be available nationwide in Easons and directly from PND Ireland, The Planning Office, St Finbarr’s Hospital, Cork.

    Postnatal Depression Ireland, Tel: 021- 4923162. Website: or email:

    For further information on the book launch or on PND, please contact Madge Fogarty on 086 8527762
    Website: or email:


    A very special thank you to all the mums on who very kindly shared their experiences of PND for this book.

    Hopefully the stories in the book will help women who are suffering due to PND to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It will also be a helpful guide for the families of those suffering.

    All contributions have been left anonymous in the book to protect the privacy of those who shared their experiences.

    Thanks again to each of you who contributed; your honestly and willingness to be open on such a difficult topic has helped make the book a really good place for people to start when wanting to learn about or seek help from, PND.

    Thank you.


    I had a read of the book and its a brilliant read, should be given or recommend to every mum and dad to be
    Well done Bernie xxxx


    the book is amazing .

    PND has such a taboo about it , most times people do not want to mention it.

    I just thank god for my gp who is on the ball and a good listener.

    Its such a fine line…

    Nollaig and Tadgh story is just heartbreaking. RIP


    Great book. It should definitely be given to every woman after they have a baby.

    Well done Bernie, Madge and all those who told their story. You are all very brave women


    Bernie & Madge are having their official book launch in Dublin on Wednesday 1st Dec. Hopefully the weather will continue to clear and they will have a great turnout.

    Its such a relevant topic to be discussed and this book is long overdue.

    Well done to all who were involved and good luck to Bernie & Madge tomorrow night!


    It’s definitely a book I’ll be buying. It is a direct positive outcome from suffering from PND that catapulted me into the career I’m now in and also specialise in helping others to recover from too. Luckily it is being recognised much quicker now than when I suffered from it.

    Mairéad Kelly
    Encouraging Excellence


    Just wanted to check if the book will be available in all the major bookstores???


    you can pick it up in all Eason Stores, have too say its a brilliant read


    Must pick it up. Not pregnant (yet) but it sounds like an informative read anyway !! Thanks girls.

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