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    The Irish Dad’s Survival Guide to Pregnancy (and Beyond…)

    They get left out sometimes so its nice to see a book especially written for Dads-to-be in Ireland, by an Irish Dad.

    Dad-of-three David Caren’s new guide is an easy practical read, written by a dad for dads.
    Combining real-life experiences from Irish dads who’ve been there, tried-and-tested dad tips, and expert views, it accompanies the expectant dad through each trimester, every mood swing (his’n’hers), the main event (labour!) andthose first weeks of new family life.

    Everything a dad-to-be needs to know, including:
    A Game of Three Halves Trimesters
    Testing, testing … Scans & Checks
    I Can’t See him as Thor FitzGerald! The baby name game
    The Name’s ‘Bond’ Bonding with your unborn baby
    Twigs and Berries Preparing the nest
    Get that Kettle away from me! How to deliver a baby (in case of emergency only)
    In the Thick of it Attending the birth
    Lights, Camera (Maybe?), ACTION …The delivery
    Gone with the Sleep (Surviving Sleep Deprivation)
    How to: Change a nappy, and lots more useful tips & advice

    Accessible, entertaining, reassuring – everything an expectant or new dad needs to know!

    Available from all good bookshops now

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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